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  1. I am getting ready to order new tires for my 1924 Willys Knight, and I read through a couple of threads about tire sizes and types. Before I plunk down a lot of money for something I can't use, I thought I would ask here. Today I have 32x4 on the rims. I assume that they are OK, since they look like they have been there for a long time. The spare looks to be from the 1950s - no tread and really hard so maybe older - and it is also 32x4 according to the sidewall. So by my calculations the rims must be 24 (32-4-4=24) so that would mean 32x4 (24+4+4=32) or 33x4.5 (24+4.5+4.5=33) or 34x5 (24+5+5=34). I realize that if I wanted the speedo to be somewhat accurate this would not be the approach, but I am sure that I am not planning on going quickly but I would be interested in the ride quality. I assume more tire will allow for better bumping.. I would love people's comments..
  2. OK, never call someone's child ugly, but that car is a little rough, and take it from someone who got one about the same shape for free, and I found a "parts car" that ran for 5K. The glass is not like anything fiat produced, although I have heard of people who cut down a windshield to fit. I believe they are available, so that is not the scary part. The side glass is flat, so you can get too. The pictures look like you are going to need fenders or you must be a really good body guy. I am guessing that the floors are gone, and those you can use Fiat 500 ones, just need to be modified. The roof parts seem to be there too, and those are hard to get so that is good. The problem will be that this is a US spec (Note the bumperetts do not have lights at the top, and the turn indicators are 2 inches inside them) so you are going to need to make or fix those bumpers. As to the registry, they are not very English savvy, so they do not seem to care much about the US (Forget the financial crisis). Before you start down this path, you might want to talk to a couple of people. I can point you to some parts guys who understand the differences between the US/EURO and Fiat/Bianchi cars. Contact me off list at WELLIS at LOTSOC dot COM. All of that said, I would expect that there are a couple of people on this list who have award winning Transmobiles that might have started with less. We
  3. What would you like to know? I have two, and they are very cool, and now worth much more than when I got my first. They are based on the 500, so all the major mechanical parts are 500. The electrical and body parts are not like anything fiat related. Keep I mind that the US version had different bumpers and lights, so you can not use the body parts or bumpers sold on eBay without modification. need to know more?
  4. I look forward to the new class. I think that the competition will be harder, but change is good. That said, I do not know if they thought about this when "talking to the members" as you put my DKW universal next to a peel and small is not want comes to mind. I for one will be happy to be out of the class I was in last year at Hershey. The man next to me said "not sure why they let those foreign jobbies in this class" I guess the cuteness factor can put some people off.
  5. I purchased this car, and now I need some help with parts and pictures. If anyone has a picture of a Oil Bath Air Cleaner for a 1936 v8, or knows of one for sale please contact me. Also needed: Side panels for the engine bay on either side of the Engine that go between the engine and the fender. I would love a picture of them if anyone has one. I am also looking for headlight lenses, the car was converted to sealbeams, and I would like to return it to orginal. If anyone has pictures of the inside of a Town car, please let me know also. Thanks William WELLIS@lotsoc.com