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  1. Looking for NOS or good used kingpin to fit 53-56 Metropolitan. Either side OK as they are the same. Thanks in advance . Please- those from England or Nigeria who have a whole warehouse of them need not reply.
  2. Rare car in USA. I've never seen another one at any British Car show on East Coast. Was on West Coast till mid 80's. Off road since 1985. Presently located in No. Virginia 20 miles west of D.C. Garaged until this last Fall of 2010. Motor runs off remote fuel tank. 40k indicated miles verified by log book in glove box. All hydraulic cylinders-clutch slave and brakes have leaked down so you can't drive car. Good floors and trunk boot area. Some rust in fender edges and wheel tubs. Pretty easy car to make into daily driver or great launching point for restoration or street rod. I no longer have i
  3. Pretty rare car in USA. A Canadian car that ended up in Washington State and then came to East Coast. Solid floors and trunk boot area. Faded original paint. Has been off the road for 15 years and kept in garage till this December. Some repairable rust in wheel arch areas and wheel house openings. 40K on Speedo which we believe to be genuine by supporting documents in glovebox. I had it running 10 years ago off remote fuel tank and motor sounded good. All hydraulic clutch and brake cylinders have leaked down and need rebuilding. Good glass all around. Would need typical service of long term st
  4. Solid project-pushed outside 20 years ago so that the deceased owners wife's MiniVan could stay in garage. Some rust in cab corner and bottom of cowl. Motor Stuck from sitting. Fiberglass rear fenders. 79K indicated miles. Headlights missing in photos are in box on floor. Was probably restored in late 60's or ealy 70's-still has shiny green paint on wheels and inside of doors/cab and firewall. Appears to be correct 35 motor. Interior floorboards missing. Locking column switch has been bypassed with a toggle switch. Would consider trading up to running pick up/panel truck/Crosley/Nash Metropoli
  5. Looking for 41-48 Chevrolet parts car-any body style-for dash/steering and pedal assemblies to convert RHD vehicle to LHD. Condition of driveline is not important and a rusty car is OK as long as parts I'm needing are repairable. East Coast location helpful but will travel. Thanks in advance.
  6. Does anyone know of a shifter kit to convert from column to floor shift for 46-48 Chevrolet coupe? Also looking for 41-48 Chevrolet parts car-any body style- for dash/steering column/steering box and pedal assembly to convert RHD vehicle to LHD, do not need driveline etc and vehicle can be rusty etc. Thanks
  7. Looking for a passenger side door threshold plate for 1959 American Coupe. Thanks
  8. Looking for 1941-48 parts car to salvage dash and related components, steering, trans linkage and pedal assemblies to convert RHD vehicle to LHD. I don't need driveline or good sheetmetal etc. Just need a rough/rusty roller to give up those parts preferably no more than 3-4 hours outside of Washington D.C. area but interested in any and all leads regardless of distance. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anybody have any literature or specification sheet stating the weight of a 1936 Buick Model 80 4 Dr. Sedan? I'm Trying to spec out a trailer GVW requirements. Thanks in advance
  10. Does anybody have a spec sheet or factory literature that shows the curb weight of a 36 Model 80 4 Dr. Sedan. I don't have a truck scale anywhere near othewise I would of taken it there. Thanks in advance
  11. I am looking for Full size-I know they are reproducing them-but I'm trying to find a decent 'driver' quality unit to match the 3 I have-Thanks
  12. Looking for one good driver quality hubcap-will buy a whole set if required, and the bracket assembly that allows running a front license plate on a 1941 Cadillac. My car came from state that only required rear license. Thanks in advance. Nick Northern Va.
  13. Would any of you know if Olds and Chevy shared the same size Coupe Body? Also-was there any difference between a Canadian and US Body? I would like to put a 48 Oldsmobile dash in a 48 Australian Chevy Coupe based "Ute"project with it's more ornate intruments etc. I would also convert to LHD with the other donor Car Parts. Donor car is in another state and I am trying to get measurments. I know Cadillac and maybe Buick had a bigger body. I know the "Ute" Cabs were made in Canada and shipped to Holden Body Works in Oz where the rest of the Bodies were made. The doors on the Ute are not
  14. I have a 69 Chevy Panel Truck. 41K Miles-former Golf Course Mgr Truck. 6 cyl 3 speed. Very straight-some rust in one rocker. I can email pictures etc. Located in Northern Va.
  15. I hope no other member finds themselves in this situation. Bought a car from an auction company this past October via Internet hosting. The description and photo of the 1961 Nash Metropolitan were a bit vague, however I was able to speak with the Auctioneer who described 3 cars and a Cushman scooter I was interested in via cell phone as he "walked" the cars for me. On the Nash I asked him the conditon of the rocker panels, door gaps and bottoms of the fenders as they are unibody cars and prior to rust there. He described the car as a nice original estate car from estate of deceased 90 year ol
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