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  1. May I ask what else he’s selling? Thanks George Albright,Ocala Florida email Cell 352 843 1624
  2. I’m still interested in purchasing the Davis. George Albright Florida.
  3. Paper pulleys inc in Columbia Tennessee makes paper drive disc for model 22 and 25s. Glued paper like old sawmill drive disc.
  4. Got a shipper on Uship for my sign this weekend. Thanks for asking! Sincerely george
  5. I just donated a 1930s neon sign to them. Amazing place and people. Please stop by and support them! George Albright
  6. Yes. See other Briscoe post. His name and email address in Ontario is in it. Thanks george
  7. Owner of Briscoe motor in Ontario is Jim Barlow. Email. I know Jim wants it saved. Good luck. George Albright.
  8. Got it. Just trying to help save history. Sincerely george
  9. Uship does freight but I clicked on for a personal hauler that will handle it with care in an enclosed trailer. Nor a freight truck full of stuff.
  10. That is Very kind!!! Thanks so much. I am going to find a door to door hauler on Uship because it’s a 1930 neon sign and fragile. Too fragile for freight. Thanks again george
  11. I read it and I agree. The liability issues are frightening!
  12. Wow! Thanks for the great info on this car! Sincerely george
  13. I just posted the haul on an Ebay company I have used frequently to find haulers of vechicles and parts. Here is the link: I'm going to try this route. THANKS to all! Go AACA!
  14. This gentleman left me a voicemail last week stating he has a 1905 maxwell for sale. I was not interested so I didn’t return the call. Lebanon ,Pa. Mr Patrick Campbell 717 272 6886.
  15. Thanks to all . Due to its condition and fragility it needs to go by a private hauler in an enclosed trailer. thanks,George
  16. It’s listed as a 1920 Briscoe engine. Two photos of motor in the post
  17. Please go to the general discussion forum. There is a FREE Briscoe engine in Ontario that needs to get with your Briscoe project. His contract info is in the threads on the forum. Thanks George Albright July 18. 2020.
  18. Use the parts to build an early speedster. Cool radiator and hood . See if there is a patent date on the Oiler and the ignition switch. I am amazed with the above drawings of early trucks. I’d say hes probably correct. I will purchase if you decide to sell. Thanks George Albright Ocala fla. cell weekdays 10-4 352 843 1624
  19. Thanks les for posting the above! Everyone Jim has decided the price for the motor is FREE if you come and get it! Please spread the word! Sincerely george