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  1. thanks for studying the chassis and your thoughts. It is possible the engine is not original to the frame. However the owner said during the restoration he found no additional holes on the chassis. I think they titled it as a crow Elkhart even tho it didn’t have a transaxle. Title done long ago. I told the owner since the engine ID tag that was riviited to the engine was missing that maybe the chassis was stolen or merely given away before the late 1950s when they were given it for hauling it off. Those were the days!
  2. the fact that it has a Lycoming engine and a Detroit Gear and Machine Co. transmission should really narrow it down.
  3. I JUST looked up 1917 Maxwell,and came to the same conclusion! Radiator shell appears the same and the springs on either side of the radiator bolting it to the frame are also there. However wheelbase is not where close and Maxwell used their own motors not Lycoming. They may have picked a Maxwell radiator when they built the speedster body due to its shape. GREAT GUESS!
  4. the small step plates on either side of the chassis are NOT original to the chassis. Owner added them to get into the speedster seats easier. Thanks,George
  5. OK Guys: Its contest time! $50 cash for who can first ID this circa 1916-18 chassis with a speedster body added in the 1920s or 1930s. I will solely decide the winner, but will post answers here, or you guys post your findings here. Always been in or near Akron, Ohio. See first two pages of info on the car below, written by the man who has owned it since 1964,when his dad gave it to him. It is not for sale, just helping him try to figure out this car he has owned all his life. Based upon the radiator shell it I believe is a circa 1916-18 chassis, if the radiator and shell are original to the c
  6. Sold at a garage sale two weeks ago for $8,500. They got there before me. The thread two weeks ago had info that the motor was weak. Someone needs to link that thread to this. Still a good buy at this figure though
  7. I’m still interested in buying the Davis. George Albright gnalbright@gmail.com. Cell weekdays 352 843 1624
  8. Thanks for the nice email. Looking only for a 1916 Briscoe V9 engine chassis or car. Engine made by Ferro. Thanks George gnalbrigjt@gmail.com. Cell 352 843 1724
  9. Fulton mad a lot of aftermarker sunvisors in the 1940s
  10. Please send info on desoto roadster to gnalbright@gmail.com. Thanks George Albright
  11. Please post on the Peerless forum as well on this AACA website
  12. Actually I saw it yesterday and sent to a friend with a studebaker electric. You or me getting it is fine. Cheers George
  13. I will give you $30 plus shipping. Let me know please. Thanks George Albright gnalbright@gmail.com.
  14. If still available I will pay the $8,500 for the Stutz and will take as is without the pink slip. I will prepare a bill of sale. I can fed ex or bank wire the money. Can someone pass that on to the seller. Thanks George Albright Ocala Florida. Cell 352 843 1624. Email gnalbright@gmail.com
  15. Here is an Ebay listing for a carb that may be from a two cycle marine engine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Early-BRASS-CARBURETOR-Original-Vintage-Ferro-Marine-engine-car-truck-tractor/324008890916?hash=item4b706f5224:g:IkQAAOSwsdtdzePF Cheers,George Albright
  16. Give them to a museum for a display. Great piece of automobile history!
  17. Thanks for the photos and thinking of me. Cool car! Looking for a stock Hupp. Thanks George
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