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  1. I don't post much but! I have two Lincoln continental 68 and 69. These car are very well built compared to the muscle cars. Yet there value will never reach that of the muscle cars! As far as the Reatta's, they might be under powered and all that, but there time has not come yet! If nothing else, there lack of numbers will be what will bring up their value!
  2. It is possible that when the top was put down it was forced down in the wrong way and now you will have to take out the hex bolt to loosen up the top cage so it can come up. I had a problem in witch I had to do that. Just saying this might not be your case.
  3. Thanks for that info I will have to pick me up a copy.
  4. I live in Connecticut and I have driven one of my Reatta for several winters with out any problems. I guess I was lucky cause these cars seems to be very solid cars to me. Every car might have an Achilles heel but these cars have one of the best v6 engines built. It goes through the snow without a problem up hill as well. GET IT!
  5. I am in Ct and have a few might part with one croach6933@yahoo.com
  6. Hello I also Have a 1972 Rivboatail 68,000 mls 4sale I am on the east coast Ct so if anyone is interested send a reply Thanx
  7. I have listened that arguments b4 concerning a S60 and another Reatta with a different paint interior combo. An it seems that some feel that the reatta with it's rearer paint combo would or should be more desirable. I don't see how one can really believe that to be true. A Select 60 will always win out over the rest. When I got into the game I looked high and low and at that time I could of picked up another convert or a coupe at the time but upon looking and researching the Reatta I settled for the S60 over other reatta's around the same price. I know that their can be arguments made about the first car off the line and the last car, but S60 will be S60 then there is your 91 converts 91 hard tops and so on. Now I wanted to keep this short and tried to word it with out ticking anyone off.
  8. Impact wrench and you have to vibrate it loose will take some time. But it will loosen up.
  9. WOW!!! Did somebody scream FIRE! I'm all in. These cars are in the infant stage... Enjoy the ride.
  10. Kalcoop


    You are right. I called Ike and he said that they are probably crushed. They dont keep vin# so that info would be lost.
  11. Kalcoop


    Well, all I am sayin is that the two cars that I had were crushed. I will try and find the vin# on the other one. The vin# for the grey one is in my early post. The other two in the junk yard I really don't know what happened to them I just thought I would mention that they were there.
  12. Kalcoop


    Last summer they were tryin to get me to look at them but had no room.
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