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  1. In my case 3 of my 4 Reattas are not currently registered. They're all ready to drive, but with 28 cars, I can't drive them all. That would make the California Reattas listed 3 time greater than the numbers show, at least in my case. ?
  2. That's what the early Champions had. I'll be removing my '39 OD to do the 1940 poppet improvement in a month. If you need pictures or information, I can provide same when I pull the transmission out.
  3. How does one contact Jerry Kurtz? His phone # on a previous post is no longer in service.
  4. Looking for the fan belt part number in Gates, Dayco, etc., for a 1938 Special. Thanks.
  5. Of my four Reattas, the Polo 19K '91 and Vert' 55K '90 have been in storage in the warehouse for 5 years without being registered. That's twice as many Reatta's left than your information suggest. At least in my case. So, there could be many more Reatta's left.
  6. I have a feeling Eddie Voland is the only one repairing your CRT for a reasonable cost. I may be wrong, but when Eddie no longer repairs them, then what? I have a bunch of used CRT's that I'll test in my car now that the dash covers are off and send another one or two to Eddie for repair. His contact information without his mailing address: Eddie Voland 433-536-9591 eddievoland@yahoo.com
  7. Sent the CRT to Eddie. He turned it around in several days and I installed in my 1989 Red Reatta. Works great. Highly recommend. Cost $150 plus shipping.
  8. The CRT went blank today. The invisible membrane buttons still work but the green display is dead. The Reatta Resources list several repair companies. What are the recommendations? Thank you.
  9. Yep, the Reatta, like all the FWD cars, has the compressor way down under and is an absolute PIA to RR. The older cars and the recent trucks and SUV's with the non-sloping hood have the compressor right on top and easy to get to. The '65 Riviera has the old design compressor with the sump, Still works great. See enclosed picture.
  10. Rock Auto sells a kit of green O rings for your Reatta AC. Just look up Buick, 1990, Reatta, Heating, AC, O Rings. Cost under $10 and has much more than you need. Also found Harbor Freight has a plastic box with dividers containing many sizes of the green AC O rings. http://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1990,reatta,3.8l+231cid+v6,1019911,heat+&+air+conditioning,a/c+system+o-rings%2C+seals%2C+&+gasket+kits,13290?a=Referer+www.google.com+URL+%2F http://www.harborfreight.com/205-piece-hnbr-o-ring-kit-67644.html Enjoy. Reatta AC servicing is lots of fun.
  11. This $1700 OBO convertible has been on the San Francisco Craigslist for months now. Has the typical instrument cluster error and needs brake work, but for the price.... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/5415531718.html
  12. The red 1990 'vert has the CD stuck in the player. How can the CD be removed so the radio may be used? Who repairs the CD players? Thank you.
  13. Thanks Barney. Mine looks like the lower unit with the black coax, so fits 1988-90.
  14. Hi Barney, great job on repairing my '89 antenna. So, there are differences between Reatta antennas? Which years are the same? I have a new AC Delco 22071328 antenna. What year does that fit? Thanks. Russ
  15. Okay, I own an electric car and have solar. And 4 Reattas among many other GM cars. Government assistance is everywhere. I really like receiving my Social Security each month. But I paid into it. The government also helped on my electric car and solar installation. Getting back to Reattas, should the Government have bailed out GM?????
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