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Early grill ID help please

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More of the hoard to ID. this was to a large car, was once chrome plated still a little chrome left in last photo.  Also the hole in the bottom is threaded. If it had a crank hole cover, it was threaded too.

Most of this stuff has been in storage for over 40 years. That is when the family believes he stopped going to Hersey and other swap meets.   Any help would be appreciated. This is just the beginning of this hoard, there is two trailers full of just doors alone. All seem to be early 1920's and earlier.

PS I am not selling anything at this time. Just need help ID'ing what I acquired.









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Thank you, I think you may have it. Also, uin the same box is a cowl light marked twolite, that appears to be from the same car. That was to be one of my next posts.


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The 30 has the"Lincoln emblem on the top. The 31 has the emblem on the headlight bar and the shape is similar  The 32 is more like the 32 Ford with less of a prow. This is a 31 The cowl light is on a molding that's curved and higher up than yours


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