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  1. Tom Laferriere

    1950 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Futuramic

    A little bump to put it on top
  2. Tom Laferriere

    1908 REO For Sale

    All pictures here:
  3. Tom Laferriere

    1908 REO For Sale

    Chris, we should discuss trading. 🙂
  4. Tom Laferriere

    1908 REO For Sale

    Oh boy, I like that!
  5. Tom Laferriere

    Looking for american lafrance speedster

    On the highway....
  6. Tom Laferriere

    Looking for american lafrance speedster

    Here is an interview on "why". Its also the same car I am selling.
  7. Tom Laferriere

    Looking for american lafrance speedster

    I guess you could say that about any car.
  8. Tom Laferriere

    Looking for american lafrance speedster

    I have two, pictured is one, the 1917. Formally known as Belchfire IV.
  9. Tom Laferriere

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    Congrats on the purchase! Nice doing business with you.
  10. Tom Laferriere

    1929 Ford Model A Phaeton

  11. Tom Laferriere

    1950 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Futuramic

    Updated with photos and details.
  12. Tom Laferriere

    1950 Oldsmobile 98 Deluxe Futuramic

    The 1950 Oldsmobile 98 repeated its 1948 precedent of previewing some of next years styling cues for the 88. The 98 was restyled after only two years. It was the first totally slab sided Oldsmobile and the first sedan with wraparound rear windows. Standard equipment included bumper guards, dual horns, parking lamps, dome light, rubber floor mats, aluminum sill plates, foam rubber seat cushions, chrome interior trim, lined luggage compartment and counterbalanced trunk lid. Deluxe 98 equipment included rear seat armrest, Deluxe electric clock, Deluxe steering wheel and horn button, special door trim and stainless steel wheel trim rings. Upholstery choices spanned nylon fabric, striped broadcloth or leather. In 1950, Oldsmobile stopped naming the 98 series and so from then through 1996, with the exception of 1957 when it was called the Starfire 98, and in 1961 when it was called the Classic 98, it was simply known as the Oldsmobile 98. This Oldsmobile 98 is quite the knock out. Its colors and appearance are stunning, as well as its mechanical prowess! This car will always get you there and back without every worrying about it misbehaving. It very highway friendly with its gearing and radial tires. Only 66,000 miles showing on the odometer and I feel that is actual mileage. It starts easily, runs and drives great, stops and steers as it should. All gauges are working (not the clock), good oil pressure, excellent charging, fuel gauge correct and no overheating issues. The interior is very clean. Owner added a custom “console” for drinks and stuff. Seat belts have been added in the rear, but not the front. The pictures should clearly show its condition. The body is very nice, straight as can be, with a chips here and there from years of enjoyment. It has been well sorted by its current doting owner and it pains him to sell. The next owner of this car will enjoy immediately upon receipt. I have been driving it recently and can assist in any questions you may have. Located in Smithfield, RI and asking $24,500.
  13. Tom Laferriere

    1936 Packard Eight 1401 Club Sedan

    Somebody should really arm wrestle me for this car. Its so cool! You will most likely win!
  14. Its a pretty big one, over 2,000 cars I am told.