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  1. 1924 lafrance pictures

    Yes they are vestra lights
  2. 1924 lafrance pictures

    Here are the pictures.
  3. 1924 lafrance speedster

    Hello, i have used this site as an aide to helping me find parts for this speedster. It has been a great help in sourcing certain parts. I am getting some components back from various machine shops and rebuilders now, so I thought I would post some pictures of what I have going on. This web site has been very helpful to me.
  4. WTB ALF

    A fellow by the name of Tobias Ballard is reproducing the jugs for the lafrance t head in the U.K. They are around $5500 I believe.
  5. T head engines

    Looking for big t head engines. American lafrance, seagrave, Wisconsin,etc. any information appreciated.
  6. Speedster bucket seats

    Hello, i am building a lafance speedster. It has the original bench seat and I am looking for a pair of tiller/bucket seats. thanks for any input
  7. Rolling chassis

    A peerless could possibly work. Are they anywhere remotely close to Indiana?
  8. Rolling chassis

    Yes that's what I am looking for. It's in Oregon and I am in Indiana. Shipping would be as much as the frame itself I am afraid.
  9. Rolling chassis

    Looking for a rolling chassis from the late twenties to very early thirties with a wheelbase of 136 inches or greater.
  10. Twin six distributor

    Nash is the wrong rotation. Thanks for the lead anyway
  11. Twin six distributor

    Looking for a twin six distributor with counterclockwise rotation. Make and model does not matter. Any help is appreciated.

    Do you still have the twin six distributor? Thanks
  13. Bench/coach seat

    The type used in the open touring cars in the teens and twenties. Sorry for not being more specific.
  14. Bench/coach seat

    Looking for a bench/ coach seat , with styling from the early 1900's. no particular make or model.
  15. Stromberg carburetors

    Looking for 3 stromberg 03 brass carburetors for a multi carb set up.