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  1. For some reason various catalogs do not show the bushings fitting the 63's. When my brother-in-law and I went to buy them from a local parts store when we were in Colorado for the ROA convention we ran into the same thing. Their catalogs showed them listed for other model years but, not the 63. We ordered them anyway and put them in. They fit perfectly and we had a much nicer ride back home. Bill
  2. Pat, That is one sharp car. For me, that would have been a tough sell. If I saw that car for sale right now, I would be seriously thinking of selling my car. Bill
  3. Replacing the track bar bushings makes a huge difference in handling. It is an easy fix and they are readily available. When I first got my car my brother-in-law and I drove my 63 Riviera to the ROA Convention in Colorado Springs. On the way out he was concerned about the handling of my car. At that time he knew the Riv much better than I did and replacing the track bar bushings is the first thing he mentioned. We were staying with a friend of his outside of Denver. We found new bushings at a local NAPA parts store and changed them in his buddies garage. It was a much better ride on the way back to Wisconsin. Bill
  4. I purchased the reset knob from CARS several years ago. It is rubber, fits great and makes using the odometer reset very easy to use. Bill
  5. 63 Riv Hvac control panel bulb

    I second that. That's what did the trick for me when I removed the clock in my car. Then other fun begins once you get the clock loose. Getting the bulb and the wire connector removed and reconnected can be challenging. Buick must have been in a cost saving mode when they ran the wires for the clock. They used the bare minimum. An extra 2-3 inches of wire would have been very helpful. Bill
  6. 63 Riv Hvac control panel bulb

    Bob, Read this thread: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/294399-wanted-power-antenna-install-and-dash-pad-removal-tips/?tab=comments#comment-1613917 I had to remove my dash pad to do my power antenna install. I was worried about the removal as well. It is as simple as Ed says. Tom Mooney gives some additional description that was useful. I also posted pictures of the underside of the dash pad that could help. Once you have done this it will all fall into place and you will say: " I was worried about this? It was a piece of cake". Bill
  7. I have replaced the glovebox in my 63 and it was made by Repops. It looks great and fits well. Bill
  8. I just received my "revised" inner door window felts from Mark Cotter at Repops made up from the original I sent them. The revised ones have the straight chrome and the flat fuzzy strip as my original ones had as opposed to the bend in the chrome and the "V" rubber that I had received in my original set. They still contend the one I sent in is a replacement and not the original. If you have ever changed these in a 60's era car you know what 50 years of accumulated dust and original OEM staples look like. There was only one set of staple holes in any of pieces I changed. Just for curiosities sake I would like to hear from those of you that have 63-65 Rivieras what configuration is/was your original inner door felt? Straight fuzzy or V rubber? That being said Repops was gracious enough to listen to me and follow through on what I was telling them. I find that very refreshing. It seems today too few companies care about what their customers think let alone care enough to listen AND follow through. They originally said they would use this new configuration for further Riviera sets. Whether they will do this remains to be seen. If you go to their website they have a contact page with e-mail. They are very prompt in getting back to you. I had reached out to Glenn at CARS about who made their window felt sets and what the configuration of their inner door felt was. I never heard back from him. Have any of you purchased the window felt set from CARS? If so, what were their inner door felts like? Pictures 1 & 2 show my original inner door felt compared to the V inner door felt that came with my new window felt set. Pictures 3-5 show my original inner door felt (the one on top) compared to the revised felts I just received. Bill
  9. Wiper blades for '63

    Hi Rodney, I guess I am confused as to what you are looking for. There are only 2 pieces, the removable Trico metal portion of the wiper blade arm(it has a brushed finish as opposed to a shiny finish) which holds the rubber insert and the rubber wiper blade insert. I have posted pictures of the wiper blade arm and insert taken off of my 1963. This metal arm looks the same as what was on all of my 63 GM cars that I have had in the past, so I am assuming that the metal wiper blade arm is the original Trico. (Maybe others can confirm or deny) The wiper blade rubber insert I am sure is a replacement but, is the correct length. I have tried to recreate your original shots with my blade and have added others as well. When measured on the arm the wiper blade rubber insert measures about 17 7/8" which translates to 454 mm, almost the same as what you measured. the removable metal portion of the assembly measures 17 1/2 inches which is roughly 445 mm. The rubber insert measures 18" or roughly 457 mm when straight. Unless I am missing something, to me it looks like what you have on your car is correct. Bill P.S. I think understanding dawned on me while I was putting the rubber insert back into the arm. You are saying that the original rubber blade had a metal spine with the metal retaining clip with a removable rubber blade and this set up allowed you to replace just the rubber portion of the blade with a new rubber blade and retain the original metal spine and clip? If this is so I have learned something new. My apologies for being obtuse.
  10. I was in a book store today and saw the current issue of Collectible Automobile. I noticed that one of the featured articles was a spread on the cars of 1963. I was excited as I knew that there had to be a 1963 Riviera or two pictured in there somewhere. There was and I purchased it on the spot for that reason. For those of you not familiar with it, Collectible Automobile is a fabulous magazine. It is expensive but, a quality publication. The article on the 63's of all manufacturers was very in depth with many pictures. As I paged through it I had a pleasant surprise. At the bottom of the table of contents page (page 2) and at the top of page 61 in the 63 models article were pictures of my 1963 Pontiac Tempest Custom Convertible. One of only 5012 produced in 1963. Collectible Automobile had done a feature on the 1961-1963 Pontiac Tempest in their December 2002 issue. They photographed my car and it was one of the cars featured in that article. Like the Riviera the 61-63 Pontiac Tempests were also an innovative design with a rear transaxle, independent rear suspension, a solid woven steel drive shaft, a 4-cylinder engine (1/2 of the Pontiac 389). It also had ties to Buick as the V-8 option for 1961-1962 model years was the Buick aluminum 215. I sold that car back in 2003. It was a great car and I sometimes still miss it. It was nice to see some of those old photos resurrected. Good memories. Bill
  11. Wiper blades for '63

    Rodney, The Anco should work fine. Ed has tried these Here is what he said on another thread from the forum: Update, I bought a pair of the ACDELCO 87150 but returned them because they were only 15" long. Correct in every way (complete arm and blade) except for the length. But in today's "post" I received a pair of Anco U-18R wiper refills. They fit the OE arms perfectly. And they were less than $10 for the pair. I assembled one and the profile of the refill is a great improvement over the original; it appears that they should work well. Another choice, the Trico 33-150 shown in picture number 1. These are 15" but have the classic look. Another option taken from another thread on the forum, picture number 2. If you don't need the metal arm, order NAPA part #WIP 601847 (18") and just take out the METAL refill and insert it into your original silver metal wiper arm. They retail for $8 each. This way it looks original and you have real metal spine refills, not the cheap plastic ones I see on so many other early Rivieras. Hope this helps. Bill
  12. Front bumper 63-64

    Paul, I took my bumper to Keystone Automotive. The parent company is LKQ Corporation. Some of the stores go by LKQ. They are a chain of automotive stores that we have here in Wisconsin. I do not know how widespread they are around the country. I did a quick search and I saw stores as far west as Colorado and as far south as Florida. It is a very nice situation. You take your bumper in to their store and drop it off. They will give you an estimate for the rechroming according to what piece you bring in. My original quote was $459.00 which I thought was very reasonable. When I went in to pick it up and pay, they only charged me $367.20. The guy told me that they overquote in case the bumper is not in as good of shape as originally thought and they have to to some repair. He said my bumper was in very good shape so the cost of the rechrome was less because no extra work had to be done.They have trucks that come around once or twice a week to pick up rechroming items so you don't have to worry about transporting it or packaging it for shipping. Keystone has their own replating operation in Minnesota. This is one reason the price is so reasonable. With their own plant they control quality and can guarantee you get the same piece back that you brought in. Let me know if you need any more info. Bill
  13. Wiper blades for '63

    Rodney, If you want to stick with the original length. The Anco U-18R is what you want. They are available several places, including e-bay. Bill
  14. Front bumper 63-64

    Rodney, I have also done the bumper by myself. Not that hard to do. It is not the preferred method but, sometimes that's all you have. Definitely use the extra set(s) of hands if you have them. As stated in the previous post, make sure you have something on the ground to protect the bumper in case of a slip. I keep large pieces of cardboard around for situations like that. As stated make sure the fender is protected from being scratched and also protect the painted bumper filler as well. I just had a really nice rechrome done on my upper bumper done this spring for less than $400.00. Is the high price for a rechrome a regional thing? Bill
  15. Fix for door jamb switches

    Gordon did both of my door jamb switches. They have performed flawlessly. He charges a minimal amount to redo these switches. Cheap and dependable fix with a quick turnaround to solve a big headache. Highly recommended. Bill