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  1. My brother-in-law and I heading there Thursday morning with or without a cracked manifold. Looking forward to it. Bill
  2. Muffler found. My thanks to Zimm63.
  3. Manifold found and on its way. Thanks to those who lent their assistance.
  4. Ed, Thanks for mentioning that. I saw that today and totally forgot about it. Bill
  5. What would a reasonable price to pay for one be? Thanks. Bill
  6. Tom, If I can't find something before I leave next week, I will be in contact after we get back. Thanks. Bill
  7. Winston, Thank you for that tip. Bill
  8. Tom, Would using a 64-66 set up still allow my current exhaust to hook up to it or would I need to have a new header pipe made? Where would one find the heat riser valve, gasket and studs? Thanks for your help. Bill
  9. Hi, Found out today that my passenger side exhaust manifold is cracked in 2 places. Leaving on July 16th for a BCA regional event in Cedar Rapids. Would like to take care of it before we leave. If I can get one by Monday my shop can put it in Tuesday. Not critical, but would be nice. What is the price for a good used manifold? I have found one that seems pricey $150 + S & H. Any things I should be aware of before purchasing? Anyone out there have one they would like to sell? I have been trying to contact as many people as possible. Would prefer to purchase from people I have dealt with rather than e-bay. Thanks for any help. Bill
  10. Thanks for that info Tom. I was just curious about the standard Riv set up. That is what I have with the GS configuration on my car. It is quiet but, there is a pleasing V8 rumble at the tail pipes. Bill