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  1. Revision of this post. What I said about the pigtail is correct. Tom T. (telriv) got back to me and said he had to recant what he said. He bought his light as an add on option 50 years ago and the memory was sketchy. He now remembers that he left the original trunk light in the upper right hand corner. The directions with the light directed him to put the light in the position shown in the pictures, I asked him what he did for power and will update as soon as I hear from him. Bill
  2. My standard trunk light has the same short pigtail with the orange power wire right there where the light is. I believe that you remove the standard light and replace it with the reel out light. I have been in contact with Tom T. (telriv). He stated that when mounting the reel out light he used the hole that was used to mount the original trunk light as one of the mounting holes and that the new light plugged into the original power wire. Bill
  3. Ed, We could go back and forth about this forever. You and Tom think you are correct, I get that. Once again that brochure is from 1968 and what is correct in 1968 might not be correct for 1963-1967. Just as what is correct placement on a Buick is not correct for a Pontiac, Oldsmobile etc. Once again, no one has stated one way is right or wrong, just gathering info. In the end it may not make any difference at all but, I reserve the right to gather information and make an informed decision based on that information. If anyone out there has constructive information on this topic I would like to hear what you have to say. Otherwise, I am out. Bill
  4. I don't recall that anyone has discounted any of the above references and said one is right and one is wrong. As you can see there are 3 quotes listed here with 3 different options. Tom T's placement on his car makes sense as the reel out lights have a small pig tail identical to the pig tail the standard trunk light plugs into. A central location also makes sense. However, is what is right for 1968 going to be right for 1963(even though not an option), 1964, 1965 .1966 or 1967? It is removable so you can put it wherever you want. I think the original reason of the thread and the reason of my reviving the thread is to gather information and gather as much information as they can before deciding on a course of action. I'm sure there are others that may benefit from the information gathered here as they do on other threads. I don't think someone should be criticized for wanting to gather as much information as they can to find out what is correct and what is not. If I didn't care I wouldn't ask. It may well be that no one knows the answer but, I would like to ask first. I'll get the info I can and make an informed decision. Bill
  5. Thanks for that. I was there and missed that one. Do you remember what year? The plot thickens. Bill
  6. Rodney, It just runs along the firewall and along the inner fender well. I just used any of the metal tabs on the firewall and the black plastic clam shell clamps on the fender well that hold other electrical wires to secure it. Bill
  7. I am reviving this thread as I would like to get one of these lights for my 1963 and would like to know where it is located and how connected. What telriv says makes sense from the little bit of info I have been able to get from other sources. I was told that you remove the standard trunk light and the reel out light connects into the orange wire where the old light did. I inspected my trunk light and it has a small black wire that is a few inches long which connects to the orange power wire. I have seen this same small black wire on reel out lights I have viewed online. I was also told that the light is attached by screws into clips that attach to the trunk lid. I have also seen lights online that have clips and screws. I would appreciate if there is anyone out there that can confirm or deny the things I have been told and/or add more info. A picture of the correct light or a picture of the light mounted to a trunk lid would be super. Thanks. Bill
  8. Hi Rodney, I got some pics. Right or wrong this is what is on my car. Pic 1-Horn arrangement Pic 2-Single wire connects to large horn Pic 3-Single wire from large horn goes to small horn and connects Pic 4-Wire from small horn connector goes to firewall and runs along side of fender Pic 5-Wire from small horn connects to connector on horn relay where blue wire was originally in stock horn set up Pic 6-Small pig tail wire from end of 4-note horn wire connects to blue wire which runs to stock horns in grill Hope this helps. Bill
  9. Hi Rodney, I will try to get out to where the Riv is stored and get you some pictures this morning. Bill
  10. I am remembering off the top of my head. I think they are really easy, Put the rear window down and there is only 1 screw to remove and you can pull it out. Bill
  11. This may help you identify in some cases if the numbering is still visible. My motors were marked 7313 for L (driver's) and 7312 (passenger's). Bill
  12. As Ed said if you don't drive in cold weather climates the heat riser is not necessary. I live in Wisconsin and the heat riser on my old manifold was removed as it was non-functioning and the heat riser on the manifold I just put in is permanently in the open position. I have had no problems. It was only low 40's today and I took the Riv for a nice drive before storing for the winter. The car warmed up fine. When I got my car the choke tube was rusted out. We made a new one with 1/4" brake line. Works just fine. Do not buy the insulating sleeve from CARS, Inc. Theirs is not what you want. 1st picture. I bought one last year and it was crap. They said they were going to look into getting an original style but, do not know if they have done so. Go to any of the Corvette parts supplier and you can get a choke tube insulating sleeve like the originals. Last Picture. Bill