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  1. Here are pictures of that order form that was given to new Riviera owners. Bill
  2. I have for sale a rechromed antenna base bezel for the 1963-1965 Riviera. This was purchased from one of the reputable ROA vendors. I originally purchased this with every intention of using this on my car as I did not think I would be able to get my antenna bezel off, rechromed and back in time to be practical. Early spring and a favor from my rechromer allowed me to be able to use my own. I am selling this for the same price I paid to the vendor. $100.00 plus S & H. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill
  3. Hi, I just purchased an NOS purse hook from Gene at A B & G. I have scanned and attached the installation directions for any of you that have a purse hook that did not have the installation information with it. Bill Purse Hook Installation.pdf
  4. I have silver material to cover 2 sun visors and 2 sail panels. It is currently for sale on e-bay for $39.00 plus S & H. I will offer it to forum members for $30.00 plus S & H. Below is my description as it is listed on e-bay. Please PM me with any questions or if you are interested. Thanks. Bill For sale is silver vinyl material for recovering the sun visors and rear sail panels on the 1963-1965 Buick Riviera. This material may be correct for other GM models as well. Please make sure this fits your application. This vinyl material is new from Clark's Corvair which is a leading supplier for Buick Riviera upholstery and other Buick Riviera replacement parts known for their high quality. This material comes in the correct original grain pattern and silver color used for these years. You will receive enough material to recover 2 sun visors and 2 sail panels. This includes 2-12" X 24" pieces for the sun visors, 2-16" X 36" pieces for the sail panels and 2-2" X 36" pieces for edge trim. With the quality vinyl dyes available now, these could be dyed to match your color interior or color headliner if not silver.
  5. I know someone that can rebuild these as long as the bakelite portion is not broken or cracked. If anyone has a non-working switch that they would like to sell I am open to that. Thanks. Bill
  6. Hi, I am thinking of putting cornering lights in my 63 Riv. I need the 9 pin turn signal switch as mine is only the 6 pin. I have put out feelers to the ROA vendors with not a lot of luck. I am wondering if any of you might have one you would be willing to sell or know of anyone who might have one to sell. Please PM me if you do. Thanks. Bill
  7. I just threw that out there in the offhand chance that someone knew the answer and I would call if no one could supply an answer. I did call GM Obsolete and they said they manufacture their own and that they are the supplier for OPGI and that is it. The gentleman I talked to was a little bristly with me and my questions, so I decided not bring up the fitment issue. I then called CARS and asked them who made their lenses and they said they made their own. He also stated that they were on 6 week back order. OPGI currently shows 6 in stock and GM Obsolete shows 2 in stock. So the statements about who manufactures for whom appear to be true. I did bring the fitment issue up to CARS and the gentleman in true company fashion did not confirm or deny that they have ever had a fitment issue and stated that: " you will be very satisfied with the fitment of your lenses in 6 weeks". I wasn't exactly sure from the previous conversations if it was OPGI or CARS lenses that had the fitment issue. I took it to be OPGI. Perhaps DualQuadDave could clarify. Current prices: OPGI $203.70 each, GM Obsolete $169.95 each in their online catalog, $179.95 each on e-bay, CARS $139.50 each. That's all I have. Bill
  8. Hi, I am in the same situation as Jan was. I am need of an upgrade for my cracked turn signal lenses. I have feelers out to many of the vendors that advertise in the Riview. I have had no luck as far as finding acceptable used ones. A couple of the vendors pointed me in the direction of the reproductions by GM Obsolete. I am hesitant to order reproductions for the reason stated above about the CARS or OPGI lenses. Does anyone know if the lenses offered by all 3 come from the same vendor or if one of the 3 is the supplier for the other 2? GM Obsolete makes it sound as if they make there own. Any info on this appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  9. Adrian, To me it sounds as if possibly your seats were overstuffed to some degree which will make reinstallation more difficult. Are the seat backs installed correctly? Hung correctly on the hooks and the screws at the bottom in place? If the back of the seat is riding too low that will hinder the installation of the seat bottom. You should not have to lift the front of the seat bottom that high to get the back portion of the seat to slide under the bottom of the seat back. You just need to clear the hooks/stops on the floor. The front of the seat is flexible to some degree to get it back far enough to back and over the front floor hooks/stops. I have only had my back seat out once and I do remember it took a few tries to get it to fit properly. The seat bottom fits like other GM models that I have had and they were the same way. If your seats are a little too overstuffed you may need an extra pair of hands to squish and manipulate seat foam while you try to install. I hope this helps. Good luck. Bill
  10. Tom, Thanks for that. I will add it to the list. It would be easy to do with possibly disastrous results. Bill
  11. Randall, Thanks for the extra info. I'm glad you talked about matching before drilling. In the excitement of doing a project I sometimes I get ahead of myself and forget to do/check things I should. That is an important step and it will help me remember to do that. Bill P.S. Just when I was starting to think you were a nice guy you throw in that dig about the weather. We may break 50 today. I probably won't be able to get the car out for another month.