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  1. Rodney and Randall, Thanks for the pictures and the diagrams. This all helps. Bill
  2. Jim, Thanks for the offer. It turns out the CD's were fine. I took my computer in. The problem actually was the disc drive on my computer, which is not defective either. What they found is the CD's I got from you are actually a little thicker than most CD's and adding the label gives it another little bit of thickness. The disc drive on my computer is is an ultra thin one and that little extra bit of thickness would not allow the disc to seat properly in the drive. Any other CD's played fine in my drive and your CD's played fine in any other disc drive they had.The solution was to load the CD's on a thumb drive and all is right with the world. Since the 64's came with the horn mounting holes already drilled will the 64 manual give measurements to locate the holes to be drilled? I have no problem buying a 64 manual but, I don't want to do that if the info I need is not there. If someone has a 64 manual and could let me know if that info is in the manual I would appreciate it. Thanks. Bill
  3. Hi, I have a 63-65 power antenna mast black plastic insulator for sale. These have been discontinued by Clark's Corvair. This insulator is used. It is in good condition with no cracks or splitting. I purchased 2, each one from a different vendor and kept the one I perceived to be the better one. I am selling this for the same price I purchased it for, $15.00 which includes shipping to you. This is for the insulator only. The last picture with the chrome bezel is just to demonstrate how it would look mounted on the car. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill
  4. Hi Tom, I understand that part. Those drawings are for the earlier horn placement. Does the hole size stay the same for the later horn placement? I need 3 questions answered for the later 1963 horn placement: 1.) How many holes need to be drilled? (I assume 3 since the 64-65 horns used 3) 2. What is the diameter of all holes that need to be drilled. If the number of mounting holes is 3, are the hole sizes .375 for the bottom hole and .185 for the top 2 holes as is shown in my drawing? 3.) Where/how to determine the correct location for the holes to be drilled? Thanks. Bill
  5. The 726 is the standard interior with silver vinyl. That car has the 728 which is the deluxe interior with silver leather. 63 was the only year for leather, so that is a pretty rare combination. Nice car, no air though.
  6. To get the correct door and quarter panels should not be hard. If he likes the deluxe interior door panel look he could easily dye the black panels silver. There are several good vinyl dyes out there. I have used a silver vinyl dye with great success on my car. If he likes the car, the fact that the door panels have been switched out could be a bargaining chip in his favor.
  7. The 726 interior should be a standard interior with silver door panels. I have a picture of mine attached. Someone changed yours to black deluxe door and rear quarter panels.
  8. Silver. I have a 63 with 726 silver. Looks as if someone changed door panels. Someone did the reverse on mine. They kept the silver door panels and reupholstered the seats in white.
  9. Thanks everyone for the information and offers of help. I am still shopping around for a set of correct horns, wiring harness, brackets and screws. I was aware of the correct horn numbers. My car was a May, 63 build and I do have air. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to locate where to drill the mounting holes in the hood and what size holes to drill? Was this covered in a service bulletin when the horns were relocated to the new location? If so, could someone please share this? I have Jim's Service Bulletin CD but, for some reason I cannot get it to load on my new computer. Thanks. Bill
  10. Hi, I am contemplating adding the 4 note horn set up to my 1963. I know that the horns are located differently than the 64-65's (picture attached) and that the long horn is a different length as well. I have been told and seen it mentioned on the forum that the holes to mount them are predrilled on the 64-65 hood. My 63 does not have mounting holes predrilled. The service manual shows the horn location and does have a diagram showing some measurements for placing the holes. However, the bottom hole for the driver's side horn does not have any measurements or indication of where it should be placed. Its location is important to the placement of the other 2 holes as it is the pivot point for an arc that pinpoints where they are placed. I know many of the add-on accessories for my Pontiacs came with templates for locating cut out areas or placement of holes to be drilled. Was there such a thing for this accessory? Is there anyone out there that has done this to their 63? How critical is the exact placement of the horn's mounting holes? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bill
  11. Chris, I know this example isn't a total cross-country run but, may give some insight as to how a first Gen Riv will do. In 2014 my brother-in-law Greg and I drove my 1963 401 equipped Riviera out to the ROA International Convention in Colorado Springs from central Wisconsin. We made it a 2 day trip, stopping one night at a motel. On both of the driving days we drove straight through only stopping for gas. The stretches in Nebraska and Colorado where the speed limit is higher, we drove a solid 80-85 mph for long periods of time. The Riv loved running at those speeds on the highway. For the return trip we actually had 4 guys in the car and a trunk packed so full you couldn't get another thing in it. The car performed flawlessly. Again we were running 80-85 for long periods with no problem. Last year Greg and I took the Riv to Flint, MI from central WI. via the upper peninsula which is a 10 hour drive one way. We drove straight through there and back only stopping for gas. On that trip we were running 70-75 mph for long stretches. Again the car ran flawlessly. The one thing I took away from these trips is that these cars love the highway and highway speeds. I hope this helped. Bill
  12. The patch only has a hole in it large enough for the antenna. I only cut a hole large enough in the cover for the antenna to fit through. I suppose there is a possibility a few pieces of dust can filter through the 1/8" gap around the antenna base. If one was overly concerned about dust infiltration you can cover the gap. I have never found it to be a problem. I have stored cars without cutting the antenna hole as well. The cover on that side of the car rides up on that side exposing a large section of the car. Choose your poison. I prefer to keep the side of the car completely covered. I did not have this problem with my other cars as I could just unscrew the antenna mast so the cover could sit flush.
  13. The manual antenna sticks up even further. You are right about the car covers. The cover should come with self adhesive circular reinforcing patches so that you can cut a small hole into the car cover so that the cover can slip over the antenna mast. It is loads of fun trying to figure out where you should make the hole in the cover.
  14. Hi, I am selling a very nice antenna base chrome bezel for the 1963-1965 Riviera. I had originally purchased this for my car and then ended up not using it. I am selling it for the price I paid from one of the reputable ROA vendors. The bezel holds a nice shine and has no pits. There is some fine wear scratching which you would expect from a piece this old. The gasket is in good shape. $50.00 plus S & H. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill