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  1. My 63 Riviera was one of the 20%. It has the manual mirrors dealer installed mirrors on both sides. It also has dealer installed electric windows. Both the 1963 Pontiac Tempest and 1963 Tempest Lemans I had, the outside rear view mirror was an option. For those cars the passenger side sun visor was also an option. Bill
  2. For sale is an NOS license plate light and license plate holder assembly for the 1962, 1963 and 1964 full-size Buick models. Not correct for the Riviera. Please make sure this is correct for your application. This was presented to me as an NOS piece and it certainly looks to have an NOS patina. At the very least it is a VERY lightly used piece. It is in excellent condition showing some minor shelf aging. $40.00 plus shipping. Please PM me if interested. Thanks. Bill
  3. Slightly off topic but, I would like to comment on the items Tom has mentioned above. I replaced my track bar bushing the first summer I had the car. It made a huge difference in the way the car handled. Last summer I had new strut rod bushings (from Tom) installed with the modification Tom suggests, new front sway bar, added the rear sway bar (from Tom), Tom's "808" P/S box and Bilstein shocks (from Tom). With all of the work already being done I also had a new idler arm, lower ball joints and a rebuilt center link installed. Once all of these things were installed I found an old school alignment shop that used the new alignment specs talked about by Tom and others on the forum, including the positive caster. A lot of work and money, you bet. But worth every penny in my book. Before all of these modifications my car handled better than any 60's car I had ever owned. Now it rides and handles like a dream. The only time I use the brakes now is to come to a stop. No more braking on corners. It is just so enjoyable to drive. I cannot wait to take it on an extended trip. If you are thinking about any of these modifications talk to Tom. He'll give you the straight scoop and help you every step of the way if you need it. Bill
  4. Dennis, Here are links to the 2 different support bearings. They are visually different from each other. With the other info this should help you. 1963-https://bestoffercounts.com/product/1963-buick-riviera-drive-shaft-support-bearing-63-riviera-only-1-year-only-new/ 1964-http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?products_id=6033 Bill
  5. Drew, Some aren't quite that nasty. Bill
  6. Tom, Here is the link. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/la-mesa-ca/richard-sweeney-10207497 Bill
  7. I sold the one from the 64 that RivCat parted out and it was clear and looked like the one on the left. That car was a later build, May 64, if that makes any difference. Bill
  8. Ray, Here are pictures of the things I used. The first is a picture of the different retainers that were used. You will have to drill out the hole on the washer bigger to fit. Bill
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