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  1. Great Classic Sedans

    I did get the last copy for $20, is this the correct book?
  2. Great Classic Sedans

    Would you consider a 1925 series 33 as a classic?
  3. Great Classic Sedans

    What from the factory body besides the flat windshield was made by Willoughby? Is there an article or link to Willoughby specs? I have found an interesting site
  4. Great Classic Sedans

    I really like the tapestry and brocade posted by M_Mman. The Clark 1927 Phantom 1 for Woolworth, found an article by West Peterson about the car. A fascinating read. I had a feeling the interior had a feeling of Louis XVI
  5. Great Classic Sedans

    Why do some 1937 Model K Lincolns have a split windshield? Others, like ours, has one sheet of glass. The same year Doepke has a split? Is it a limo or town car flat windshield? Billy Bathgate (movie) Doepke The Cheap Detective 1978 Our 1937 Willoughby Limo
  6. Great Classic Sedans

    Thank you so very MUCH! Love finding sibling cars!
  7. Great Classic Sedans

    I love both open cars and sedans, especially the one above. Here are some closeups with our 1937 Lincoln Willoughby> I really like the tapestry and brocade above.
  8. Multi-classic insurance?

    Just checked with JC Taylor and they were slightly over my bill at Hagerty. Closer looking at my Hagerty policy, I AM getting a multi-car discount and premium services. Will check with Grundy tomorrow. It makes sense that the premium carriers are about the same.
  9. Wireless Tail Lights??

    Grimy, they stick very well with magnets and straps. I plan to strap them to my spare tire since my Pierce is aluminum, but for now here are some stuck to my van. Even though the magnets are quite powerful, I will still use the velcro straps. IMG_5053 (1).MOV IMG_5054.MOV
  10. Multi-classic insurance?

    Checking with JC Taylor and Grundy, asking for a "Fleet Rate". Will let you know. I went through the song and dance with online Grundy and they cut me off with nine cars and told me to call "Customer Service." I mentioned that if any of you are looking there, don't waste 45 minutes online showing pictures, year, model, where do you keep them? Just go to customer service. I also listened to the caveat with State Farm not paying off and agreed value. Not cool!
  11. Wireless Tail Lights??

    It appears that magnet dangers approach being a problem are when neodymium magnets are worn on the person like spherical magnets making a necklace. When removed from the person, problems cease. Seems no permanent damage. But I appreciate your warning. I don't have a Pacemaker.
  12. Multi-classic insurance?

    Hagerty also will cover you in a recent buy for 90 days before putting it on a policy.
  13. Multi-classic insurance?

    Will check Grundy also.
  14. Multi-classic insurance?

    Hagerty is the Gold Standard. Most of my friends are with them. Percentage-wise they are ensuring mobile assets at about .5% of the total value. Also at stated value. Also, I think there is just one liability policy that covers everything. So, really pretty good. Had a tree limb and damage a car, and they paid easily. I also have the VIP premium coverage, towing and incidentals. I got chapped by my insurance agency since they tripled my premium on a totally different policy and I started looking at everything. I also use ACE/CHUBB. These are excellent. They insure our fine art at about $1,000/$M. Hagerty is about $4,000/$M. But cars must be higher loss category. Our cars are in a steel and masonry structure. No wood. Nothing flammable but gasoline! <grin> But, I will have a look at JC Taylor. Have heard some good things from them.
  15. Multi-classic insurance?

    I was being facetious, playing a cantankerous curmudgeon. <grin>