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  1. I am picking up some steam oil tomorrow. I know about the wrong oil can attack bronze in a transmission or rear end. Here is a picture of our transmission. The Thomas Flyer seems to have one of the finest restorations I have ever seen. It would seem they made sure the transmission would not leak. However, I am about the first people to drive it, though the Auction House did drive it onto the block and on a trailer. I am wondering if I should clean this blue stuff out, or add in the steam oil, or is it ok as it is. The sump and drive chain oilers are properly filled with, as best I can tell, the proper oil. Wolfgang Gawor died before the restoration was finished. The Auction is refusing me to have contact information with Wolfgang's Estate, nor the restoration house that finished the restoration. I am in touch with Jeff Mahl, great-grandson of George Schuster, the original driver with the Thomas in the Great Race of 1908. I was able to open the transmission cover a little, and also showing a few pictures of the car.
  2. Don't know either question. Will take an image and post it. I think it was made to be driven.
  3. Recently acquired 1908 Thomas Flyer from the Wolfgang Gawor collection. It is in fantastic condition. Frame-off restoration and very well done. It has not bee toured, nor even driven very much since restored if any. So we are sorting it out. The transmission/Transaxle gears are very well-coated with a sticky blue grease. Much thicker than 600w, but thinner than wheel bearing grease. Most transmissions I know have 6oow in it. There seems to be any pooling in the pan. I am mystified and do not know if I should add 600w or what?
  4. One of the best books, well written in novel form, 95% historically accurate and a great fun to read whether you know about the Great Race or not. Free on Kindle, Amazon
  5. July 30. 110 Years ago today a Thomas Flyer car completed a 22,000 mile endurance race around the World. This was 1908, starting in New York to Paris. Against the best custom-made European cars, an American made production car from a showroom floor Thomas. Beat all comers in 169 days, and won first place. The longest distance race in history that still stands today. No windshield. No top. No heater. No roads. The Thomas Flyer put American engineering and car production on the map. Our 1908 Thomas Flyer. 60 HP, 577 cubic inches. Chain drive. Frame up restoration. Is on a ship, right now, coming home to America!
  6. Want to buy manuals, information, chassis about 1908 Thomas Flyer 60hp four cylinder. Please pm.
  7. CatBird

    Seeking Info on Wolfgang Gawor

    Anyone know any of family or employees? Send me a pm, would be very thankful.
  8. Everything is working out fine. I should have the car in less than two weeks.
  9. Having good advice to talk with the local British Consulate general about the VAT
  10. This was misinformation on my part. I am complete, happy, and the car should be here within two weeks.
  11. I would like advice bringing a classic car from UK to USA buying in an online auction? VAT? MOT? Customs? What hurdles should I expect?
  12. CatBird

    Want to buy car hauler

    I have some help on the way in designing and building a trailer. Thanks, Jim!
  13. CatBird

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I am trying to wrap my head around the gravel, AuburnSeeker. What is your floor SQFT space and what sub-strata? I am trying to take your advice. How much gravel should we add? I noticed that the cement contractor has two loads of 57 gravel for our 60x30 bldg. It is 1800 SQFT. 40 tons. So, 8,000 sqft (larger building) should compute to ??? (mind too fuzzy to contemplate, tomorrow is another day...)