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  1. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I would also agree with you and your wife. However, we have seven acres of land and the buildings are not close to the house. The house is a brown two-story log cabin (It was the Multipurpose building for Gables Academy) about 4,000 sqft, 28 feet tall. We live there. Same brown as the buildings, but hard to see each other through the trees. The "Storage Building" is nearly 2,000 sqft and was the dormitory for the teachers and was the cafeteria for the school. We are using half of it for storage and the rest will be guest rooms, and you are welcome to visit! Our house and Plat showing the buildings, cabin, and lake. We are one-mile walk from Stone Mountain Park.
  2. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I am fortunate to have a wife who loves the old cars. I told her she can buy as many shoes as many tools I buy. It works out! This is us with our 1920 Cadillac. She only said the new buildings must have bathrooms. I agree.
  3. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Building two garages on our land in Georgia. Two metal buildings. One as a display for about 14 cars it is 80x100 feet. 14-foot eaves and 16-foot gable. Red iron skeleton. Skinned out in metal. Clear space. I will have FOUR Commercial 2000 rollup doors on one side, three doors 12wx10h and 12x12 and another 12x12 door on the far side so to drive through one side and straight our the far side. The four doors on one side should make it easier to bring cars straight in with minimal turning radius. Pad is 5" high-pressure concrete with fiberglass reinforcement and rebars. Of course much thicker at support attachments over hard red clay ground. 4" insulation walls and roof. Nucor Building systems. The secondary work area and modern car parking. The building will be 30 feet by 60 feet, also 14' eaves and 16' gable. This building will have four 12x10 roll-up doors on one side. Same other specs. Both buildings will have commercial walk through doors. Buildings will be burnt slate color with evergreen doors and trim. Similar to the building below except the colors in mine will be reversed - building reddish brown and doors evergreen and my roll-up dors will be in the sides of the buildings. The red iron structure is also as an example, but ours will be similar, but to our size footprints. The CAD drawings are our exact structures. Basic blank boxes that I can modify as desired, windows, skylights, awnings, etc. My plans have been approved and permitted will begin as soon as the concrete guy can get here. Buildings are to be delivered May 11 or 18th.
  4. Building a Garage in Atlanta area

    Hmm, no responses. Well. . . . . Just for the record, we just got our permits and are ready to begin by pouring foundations.
  5. Very simple flexible plastic slotted tube that fits over your trailer ball in your truck bed. Sight in on the yellow tube, back slowly until you gently knock over the yellow tube and you are perfect to hook up! It just takes less than a minute and perfect!!!
  6. deleted by op

    Tried to delete this post
  7. Ford full classic?

  8. Deckover Trailer Ideas?

    If you find something like this. Please post it! Here is an idea, but seems a bit lightweight. I am more interested in a solid aluminum box on top of a deckover trailer.
  9. Ford full classic?

    Is there a Ford as a full classic considered by the CCCA except for Ford Brewster?
  10. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    It is really exciting! Brewster began making carriages in 1810 and our serial number is 2310. Not sure what that means, but it is early.
  11. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    Digging deeper into our Brewster Buggy and that it was restored by the Amish, I found a small album of pictures under the seat and located the son of the man who restored our "buggy." He has a family business in Ohio. Daniel Raber. A&D Buggy Shop in Millersburg. He is restoring two Brewsters in his shop, among others. I asked if he knew about Brewster cars and only received silence. Prompting me to do some research on the Amish Community. They still use horses for most transportation. Even in farming horses are used in many Amish communities since that driving a tractor is a short hop to driving cars. In addition to not using tractors because they do not drop manure, like horses and the belief that tractors compact the earth and hard earth is bad for seedlings. Daniel was a delightful conversationalist and gave us a fascinating glimpse into his community. He gave me some tips where I can acquire the proper harness (ours is missing), we can get "fancy" (low tone as not "proper") or "plain" which would more fit our "Buggy." I asked him what he had was restoring in his shop and he mentioned names "Victorias" and "Broughams" and he was referring to buggies, not cars! Since he and his family had restored many buggies he was not sure which was ours until I described our lamps. He thinks he remembered ours and he said that most of the early Brewsters lamps were lit by candles though some did have whale oil lamps. I looked at our lamps and do not have reservoirs for oil. They do seem to be made for candles. He suggested that I send him some pictures of our buggy and see if he can remember ours. He said that Brewster was one of the greatest buggies in the world. Though there are exceptions, an interesting community who are very close to the earth and enjoy a pure lifestyle. While some Amish use electricity live more simple lives. It is ok to have some lights in their buggies, but not in their homes. Anne and I would like to visit a community that lives, 'way back in time
  12. Building a Garage in Atlanta area

    Really want a turntable for a car. Would be good to have it flat on the floor, but could be raised later. I do not plan to spend $20,000 for this and think it can be done cheaper, maybe a whole lot cheaper! Am quite good at fabrication and DIY. My cars average about 20 feet long and about 5,000 pounds. Any ideas?
  13. Am building two garages. One is four bays. 60feet wide and 30 feet deep.14 foot eaves 4" insulation. Clear span. PBR roof panels. Four post lift. Other has four roll-ups on one side and an additional rollup on the far side and be able to drive through. The footprint at 100 feet (rollups on these sides) and 80 feet deep. This will primarily for display and show. Building basic blank boxes. Have all preliminary drawings approves. Hoping to begin pouring first week in May.
  14. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    Thanks for the great info. I noticed the round wicks but did not know why. Hmmm, where can I get some round wicks and squeeze a few whales?
  15. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    "I have joined the Carriage Club of America (CCA not to be confused with AACA) and I am waiting for more info." Quote myself Unfortunately, CCA does not have Brewster records before 1888 where 5 digit serial numbers came into play. The best they can tell me that our Brewster Carriage is a very early model since it has serial number 2320. Still researching. Ours is titled at 1848. Could be earlier. If anyone knows better info, please let me know.