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  1. CatBird

    Seeking Info on Wolfgang Gawor

    Anyone know any of family or employees? Send me a pm, would be very thankful.
  2. Everything is working out fine. I should have the car in less than two weeks.
  3. Having good advice to talk with the local British Consulate general about the VAT
  4. This was misinformation on my part. I am complete, happy, and the car should be here within two weeks.
  5. I would like advice bringing a classic car from UK to USA buying in an online auction? VAT? MOT? Customs? What hurdles should I expect?
  6. CatBird

    Want to buy car hauler

    I have some help on the way in designing and building a trailer. Thanks, Jim!
  7. CatBird

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I am trying to wrap my head around the gravel, AuburnSeeker. What is your floor SQFT space and what sub-strata? I am trying to take your advice. How much gravel should we add? I noticed that the cement contractor has two loads of 57 gravel for our 60x30 bldg. It is 1800 SQFT. 40 tons. So, 8,000 sqft (larger building) should compute to ??? (mind too fuzzy to contemplate, tomorrow is another day...)
  8. CatBird

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    The little old 1903 Columbus did roll through the Sotheby's blocks in 2015. Weirdly enough it was number 236 and our Pierce was number 233. I wonder whatever cars were nearby that we should be looking for? <grin> at the coincidence of us buying two cars in 2018 that were near each other Looks like you had the same truck deliver your goods! I love your view! Mountains. Though we are in Stone Mountain Village, less than a mile from the Mountain, we have tall trees blocking our view. May make a cupola on the top of the building and see if we can see anything. The 300 tons are clay and just to level the site and make the water runoff properly. The cement contractor said I needed to have 110 tons of gravel. <grin> not sure about the amount. It is his call. We had some soft brown dirt that needed to be stabilized. Also, we are within the boundary of our lake. We are also having a 48" concrete apron around the perimeter and will tie into some concrete drives and parking. The contractor is adhering to a contract we signed and the engineers will be watching as well. There are no "cost plus" on this. Whatever gravel needed, he will do. We are also within the purvue of the City and inspectors, code and engineers are watching. The cement guy is very honest, but I told him I make a few core samples to be sure the thickness of the slab. Our span is 80 feet across by 100 feet deep for the main building. The four car garage is smaller, 60x30. 14-foot eaves. I appreciate your input. Please keep responding. I might, very well might, miss something.
  9. CatBird

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    But back to building our garage. Unloading the buildings. Mud and had to use a small Bobcat at the last minute. Lull got canceled. But we made it work! Amazing video unloading to 40 foot long beams balanced on a skid steer forks at one time and placing them between two trees!
  10. CatBird

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    My wife fell in love with a 1903 Columbus Folding Top Runabout and insisted we get it! Picture at our country home.
  11. My current enclosed trailer (36-foot gooseneck) is too low, about 6'2" clearance. I can haul any of my cars with the tops down,, but need more clearance eight or nine feet. I want a 24 or 26 foot floor, at least tandem 7k axles, bumper pull or gooseneck. I am in the Atlanta area. Any leads?
  12. CatBird

    1903 Columbus electric car. Battery help?

    Interesting information from the guy I mentioned Steve Normandin. A wealth of knowledge. We talked about esoteric subjects regarding Nikola Tesla, Ferme, Edison, Steinmetz, and the early cars and batteries. He was amazed that our car is so completely original! He was so fascinated by seel one in such condition, he walked by a 1916 Pierce Arrow and only noticed it later! <grin> When you are in love with something the rest of the world fades away! Some tips: In a series circuit (as I have) the weakest link is the weakest battery. One of my batteries was weak and putting out slightly less than nine volts, so that was the strongest current available. I am replacing that battery. Apparently, six-volt batteries have greater amperage. I would have more horsepower if I had all 6v batteries. Since I have 6 12v batteries to get 72v, I would have more power with 12 6v batteries which would give greater amperage. I have one wire that has been replaced, undersized, it is about ten gauge (red in the picture) and I am replacing it with 2 gauge. A bit of dielectric grease will help and I am cleaning all contacts, even though they seem pretty good. He thinks I have a 2hp motor and it could have more batteries. I am at 72v and could have 96v. It does struggle on some uphill drives. He also suggested I keep the speed down going downhill - using the brakes - to not overspin the motor. . He mentioned various viscosities for oil/lubrication. As we know to avoid detergent oils. That is about it, so we took the car around the neighborhood and had a good test drive!m It is a sweet little car. I certainly understand the fascination with the early cars over gasoline. It is very simple. Bulletproof. Quiet, only sound of the tires. Easy to start, you just move the lever forward. No noxious fumes. No cranking, No gear shift. No clutch. None of the complications of a gasoline or steam vehicle. Cool and sophisticated. A word I don't use often, it is green. My wife loves it. Certainly a women car. It is EASY! So I took another drive in our 1916 Pierce Arrow. I always get a thrill when that giant 525 cubic inch engine slowly turns over, catches and comes to life!
  13. CatBird

    1903 Columbus electric car. Battery help?

    I may have the answer to many questions. I have met a local guy who seems to have good knowledge of electric cars. He has restored several of these cars from the 1900s. He is coming by on Sunday to help me sort ours. He also suggested I get an AC/DC Clamp ammeter from Harbor Freight. He, of course, insisted I get a clamp ammeter that measures DC. Picking up one tomorrow. Looks like a good idea to have anyhow, but especially for an electric car. I received a Schumacher battery charger that has 5 or 10 amp charge and can be regulated to 12 4o 72 volts. It has a timer, 12 hours or less. The timer has been added. Looks like a very professional job. This charger came with the car. It has been modified with a seven-pin trailer male connector that mates to a seven pin female connector that is connected to my car's wiring system. Guesstimating at 6 hours at 10 amps. Very simple and clean. The plug-in was way, up underneath the car. My docs suggested that I remove the key. then bring the lever forward to the largest speed (using all the batteries) to get a full charge. Seems like the perfect way to connect and charge the car.
  14. CatBird

    1903 Columbus electric car. Battery help?

    Got it, thanks