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  1. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Every expert was a novice at some point. Just think of "redo's" as practice makes perfect.
  2. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    Good luck Victoria, I've no doubt you'll be great. Stories from the heart are what people desire the most and your story is certainly from the heart.
  3. I bought a muffler for my 1913 Metz Model 22 that was listed as a "foot heater" for a Model T. I usually search through all the Model T parts because I find that if someone doesn't know what it is then it usually gets labeled as a Model T part. That strategy has worked more than once.
  4. Do good pictures help a sale?

    Ad text says it is from 1848 so it is clearly worth $1900.
  5. Here I go again...Another New TV show

    #2 because Mustang convertibles are such great, uh, cars.
  6. Our first project, 1913 Metz 22

    I very much apologize for the delay in getting the measurements. The front springs measured from outside to outside is 9.5" The rear springs measure 11.5" (again, outside to outside). My front spring are new so I believe those measurements to be correct. The rear springs are original and thus a bit tired though I don't believe that would change the "resting" arc very much... so that's probably a fairly good measurement. Please do post a picture when you get the new springs made, I'd love to see what they look like and might like to order a pair of rear springs.
  7. 1960 MGA Restoration

    I've heard working with the Clogmaster 2000 can really test a man's patience... but it looks like you're making the best of it. Great progress and best of luck in 2018!!
  8. Our first project, 1913 Metz 22

    Sorry, I missed this post. I'm confused as to which direction to measure. There are 4 bolts that had the leaf springs together. There are two that hold the top set of springs to the bottom set of springs. Then there are two bolts that hold the springs together that form the top set and the bottom set. I think you referencing these bolts and want to know the 'height' as I've already given you the 'length'. I will be out in the shop later this afternoon and I will measure that. If that isn't correct, I believe I've given you the other measure a few posts above.
  9. Very interesting tip on the spray cans. I've had several that just quit spraying reliably about mid-way through the can. I'll have to try heating the cans in the hot water. I must have missed how you treated the wood beforehand. Was it already treated (copper naphthalene) when you got it? What type of wood is it? If it came treated, where did you get it? The car really looks good... very much looking forward to the rest of the journey!
  10. Looking for career advice

    This was what I was saying but said in a way it make sense. Notice as well that this is only Pluto's 3rd post... wow, welcome to the forum Pluto. Looks like you've got a lot to offer!!
  11. Looking for career advice

    If there's no future at your company, then why are you still there? Not being a jerk, but it really is that simple. I wouldn't leave over personal issues, you can fix those. If there's no future, you can't fix that. Make the best of what you have there right now and make plans to be somewhere else inside 2 or 3 years. Start putting aside some money to ease the transition. So to be clear... I wouldn't leave now unless you feel it is a step up (either in money now or future growth).
  12. I guess I need to clarify what I'm selling next time

    I bought the wrong Starrett Micrometer off eBay the other day because I had looked at so many and had a dozen or so in my Watch List. I got confused and bought one without the ratchet stop. Of course I kept the Micrometer and bought the other one as well as I don't think my confusion is someone else's problem.
  13. Metz 22 spark plug

    I believe it is the Champion 32 and it is available via time travel to around 1915. In all seriousness, the only that I know of at this point are in someone's Metz.
  14. Metz Model 22 Muffler

    Metzman, please check your InBox on this forum site. Up in the right hand corner of this page there should be an icon of an envelope and it will have a red number/check on it. Click on that and you'll see a private message from me in which I tell you that I have end caps that I will sell you. My email is in that message.
  15. Fantastic job on the engine and the woodwork looks wonderful as well. Great project!!