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  1. Uber Tempe Crash Timeline??

    Grimy, Alsancle was quoting a world-wide statistic by the WHO.
  2. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Charlotte is a great meet. Good food, reasonably priced hotels, fantastic fleamarket, and really nice people. If you haven't attended, you owe it to yourself to do so!!
  3. Flying car. Forgetting history?

    Grog. Didn't the Aerocar have a Crosley connection??
  4. Making one out of a Crosley Supersports....only moves a few seconds.
  5. Speak for yourself Bob, I'm planning to stick around a while....
  6. A couple years ago I did a seminar in Philadelphia to mark the 50th anniversary of the Ontelaunee Region. To research that seminar I read every issue of the region's newsletter the "Tin N Brass". What I found most interesting in that review was that 50 years ago, the leaders of the region were lamenting the fact that cars were not what they used to be, the young people weren't interested in old cars , etc., ...in short, exactly what we are saying today. This repeated itself every 10 -15 years. I honestly don't think he hobby is dying. What is dying, and IS hurting the hobby is the willingness to reach out to others and draw them into our circle. We all talk about reaching out to kids and get them involved, but there is a big group out there that we seem to ignore. That is other old car owners that aren't part of any car group or organization. We need to speak to them and tell them about the fun we are having. Next time you see a guy with an old car, swallow your fears and walk up to him. Ask about his car and let him (or her...sorry ladies) talk. Then ask him if he is part of any organization. Invite him to join you at your local club meeting. If we all do this the hobby will grow exponentially.
  7. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    Well here at the Palm Bay airport, hair care , and garden center it was 58 this morning. Got an email from my daughter in Western PA. this morning that it -8 this am there. (That's without the wind imagination)
  8. Did anyone get any snow.. ??

    Hey Grog you may have spoken too soon. I heard a report of a few flakes in Titusville today and a freeze for you by Thursday. A low of 39 in Palm Bay also!!!.

    I admit it will be tough giving all that up. Most of all I will miss laying on the concrete floor of my garage in 10 degrees working on my latest restoration. Doing it all in short sleeves is going to be a challenge too. Especially in February.

    Ed, if that is an invite, I'd love to drive down and look at your cars. I think that Pierce Arrows are among the most beautiful ever made. I Won't have my first project in Florida until after the National meeting in Feb. I promised my wife to spend our first couple months working on the house!!

    Grog ; I have to look you up and we can compare Crosley notes . I keep telling everyone here how nice it is, but they keep hitting me with the "change of seasons" stuff. Yes well, after this week's snow, I can't wait!!!

    Feliz Navidad from snow covered Pennsylvania.

    In just under 2 weeks Deb and I will be permanent residents of Palm Bay, Florida. We are trying to figure out what region to be a part of when we settle down. Anyone want to make a suggestion? We don't have a car to tour but we love to show . We have been active here in PA and we want to continue to be involved in our new area.
  14. Hershey in the spring?

    I have always loved Charlotte. The food is great, hotel rooms reasonably priced and the people are extremely friendly. I will admit that pre war car parts are not as plentiful as at Hershey, however post war is probably more so. I took a friend along a year or so ago who was looking for rear inner fenders for a 39 Chevy (I think) anyway he found 3 sets in less than 2 rows in the flea market . If you go plan on 3 days for the flea market and leave time for the AACA show
  15. The Crosley Auto Club has a youth program where we give a car to a young person with a mentor to restore. It has proved to be very popular with our members as well as the young people involved. Our first car was completed 2 years ago and the second will probably be done early next year. On satisfactory completion, the title is awarded to the young person. Personally all of my cars are being given to my grandchildren. My grandson showed his Farm o Road at the West Virginia show this year and one granddaughter showed hers at Hershey! I look forward to the day when I see them all on the showfield at the same time!!