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  1. DAVE A

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    Barry Seel, Chuck Koehler and I went to Fritz's going out of business auction. They bought the 2 Crosley wagons he had for 50 bucks each if I remember right. There was also a sedan there that Fritz would not sell in he auction because he thought it was worth more money. I wonder what happened to it?
  2. DAVE A

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    I seem to recall the Mascaro family was attempting to build a raceway in the area a few years back also. I dealt with them in my former career. Nice people who have a genuine interest in cars.
  3. Bug Girl; Thanks for bringing back the memory of one of my favorite cars of my past. I had a 1976 Plymouth Volare wagon that had the vinyl "wood" on the sides. It had a six cylinder with a 4 speed on the floor. It was a great combination of family car, good mileage, and just enough sportiness to keep a young man with a growing family interested. Unfortunately my wife wrapped it around a telephone pole!!!
  4. DAVE A

    Congratulations Rusty'!!!

    Thanks for your contributions Rusty!
  5. DAVE A

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Sorry you missed jioning in the funof owning a Crosley!!!!
  6. DAVE A

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Here is my bottom line on Crosleys. They are fun and interesting American made little cars. They are great to show and drive, undoubtedly one of the lowest cost vehicles for entry into the old car hobby. They do well on almost any show field. They Must be maintained especially if not properly maintained by previous owners. Things like brakes on the pre hydraulic cars have to be kept tight. The engines are practically bullet proof. Because they are so simple, they are easy to work on. Parts are readily available for mechanicals, and service manuals and expertise are easy to get. Of course I am biased, but I would recommend hem highly to any car person.
  7. DAVE A

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Finding an engine with high compression and a Vitameter is very rare as they were a seldom added option. Mr. Cahill was totally anti Crosley until he was Powels guest at his estate, then suddenly he was pro Crosley!!! I guess some things don't change!!! I got my introduction to Crosleys while working on an MG Midget one afternoon. I lamented that it was a shame no American company ever built a car that fit my definition of a sports car . My friend working with me told me about the Crosleys Hotshot. "Won the first race at Sebring". He said. It imprinted on my memory and years later I bought one as a restoration project. I love the little cars and they are so much fun to drive. If you are shy, don't buy one because they ALWAYS draw a crowd no matter where you go or show.
  8. DAVE A

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Was just up over the weekend. I guess I'm spoiled. Too darned cold for me. Come on down sometime. You could literally go to a car event 7 days a week !!
  9. DAVE A

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Thanks for remembering me Peter. I try to get on this page every day....just don't comment as often as I used to. George, I don't know if I qualify as a guru, but I have owned Crosleys for over 20 years now and own a dozen or so right now, including 4 Senior cars that have been pretty widely shown. I have restored a Hotshot and a Supersports and am working on a Super Hotshot right now. I'll happily answer any questions you have either here or if you want to call me at 484 769 7856.
  10. DAVE A

    Registration card

    I recently got an item in some yardsale stuff. It is a 1941 registration card for the state of Georgia. It is for a 1928 Tudor engine number A1091376. Car registered to WW Rivers of Albany,and Ga. .I'd love to give it a proper home for someone who is interested in it. Send me a note...Free of charge!!!
  11. DAVE A

    Uber Tempe Crash Timeline??

    Grimy, Alsancle was quoting a world-wide statistic by the WHO.
  12. DAVE A

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Charlotte is a great meet. Good food, reasonably priced hotels, fantastic fleamarket, and really nice people. If you haven't attended, you owe it to yourself to do so!!
  13. DAVE A

    Flying car. Forgetting history?

    Grog. Didn't the Aerocar have a Crosley connection??
  14. Making one out of a Crosley Supersports....only moves a few seconds.
  15. Speak for yourself Bob, I'm planning to stick around a while....