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1929 Cadillac

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Hello: I own a restoration shop in Gluckstadt, Ms. We have recently taken in a 1929 Cadillac 2 door roadster. It is a 57000 mile car and is in good shape. It has been wrongly painted and that must be removed but it was a California car and so the body is good. We are going to have some questions and will need some advice as we move forward through this process. The owner would like to have front fenders where he can mount the spare tires on each side. Are such fenders available (or are the tubs for the spares available?) Thanks for any advice. Here are some photos.

Mike Martin  









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Cool.   I was well in to my 50s before I understood that there there is a whole group of guys that love sidemounts.   Coming from the Mercedes Benz world where rear mounted spares meant a 30 or 40% price premium it was news to me.


Try to convince the owner to leave the car alone.   The rear mount is totally cool.   The amount of money spent on the fenders and mounts will not be insignificant and in my opinion is not worth it.    If he really has to have sidemounts,  clean this car up and sell it then buy a sidemount car.

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I know where you can get fenders and side mount brackets.........not worth the money of effort.......let the car be the car. 


FYI- At 57k on the clock......the car is totally worn out and will need EVERYTHING. That engine has no air filter.....it's been sucking dust and dirt since day one. Look at my signature block........I have owned a bunch of similar cars. If you need help on any particular thing just ask. Before you tear anything apart....ask. We can keep you out of trouble. EVERYTHING ON THE CAR IS FRAGILE AND DIFFICULT TO SOURCE. Been there, done that. 

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On 5/10/2024 at 3:28 PM, Grimy said:

It's NOT a roadster or even a convertible coupe.  Looks like a fixed-head coupe with decorative landau bars to me.

Right. Fisher Body Style #158: Cadillac Coupe.  

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