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Does the rear doors on a Studebaker 1934 - 1935 four door bodys fits between those two years?

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So the question is if you can swap those doors between the two different years.

As far as I can see the part numbers differs. If anyone knows it would be nice to know the difference.

Thanks in advance.

The reason why I am asking is that I got a friend who is missing one door on his Studebaker Dictator 1935 .


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I honestly can't say for sure, but the 34and 35 coupe bodies are different. So you take it from there.

Where is your friend located and which door is he looking for? You should be able to find a serviceable door near you. We have two rear doors on a 35 sedan body that has sat out for years. They are both straight, but there is a bit of rust on the lower lip of both, but the R. side has the least amount of rust. I'm just mentioning these in case your friend gets desperate. We live in the Seattle area. I won't pull or transport. Good luck!  

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Not worth arguing over because I really don't know. Even though we have a 1935 Dictator coupe and a 1935 body here I have no 34 to which I can compare it. My source is Warren Coleman, who was very emphatic when trying to explain the difference. All I was able to grasp was that the difference in the coupes was low on the body behind the door or maybe under it, I'm not really sure. 

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