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  1. I ran an 3/16 in. line from the oil pump or oil galley just above the oil pan on the pass. side around the front of the engine to the oil filter. This is the pressure side. On the drivers side I ran a 1/4 in return line or drain line from the bottom of the oil filter to the galley just below the oil filter. There are plugs on each side of the engine for piping. Terry
  2. I have the folowing parts left over from parting out a 36 President straight 8 4-door sedan. If interested I can bring to South Bend May 7,8 2010. nose cone, steering sector, intake manifold, bell housing, master cylinder brake&clutch assembly, radiator, timing cover, ring gear&lower cover, crankshaft, battery case and cover, air cleaner, trunk hinges, lower radiator splash pan, rear seat arm rest-wood, rear ash trays, trunk tire clamps, interior items, e-mail m547man@yahoo.com phone 608-831-3314. I have too many other parts to list. Terry
  3. Parting out 1936 studebaker president, car was mostly complete. Have engine, parts,frame,interior,dash,rough sheel metal. Terry 608-831-3314 evenings e-mail m547man@yahoo.com
  4. Have you sold your 36 dictator yet? I'm looking for one in the Wisconsin area. Terry
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