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I am looking for the sample judging sheets

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I am looking for a sample of the individual judging sheet for ,Exterior, Interior, Chassis ,  That a judge would be using at a meet . I allready found the one for engine on page 42 and the summary sheet on page 78 of the 2024 judging manual , can any one point me in the correct direction . And i just noticed on the summary sheet on page 78 that notes that its "for junior cars only" What is different between the sheets for a Junior, senior, preservation, or repeat preservation , and then is there a different sheet for a vehicle competing in a  Grand National .  and Thank you in advance for sharing the knowledge 

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Here is a quick answer.  The individual judging sheets contain only the one category that a judge is assigned.  It matches that column on the summary sheet.  The individual sheet has columns for all the cars covered by that judge.  Points deducted by each judge are recorded on the car's judging form by the team captain by the team captain.  Junior cars, senior cars, preservation cars at a National all use the same form (and point deductions).  The only difference is the color of paper they are printed on.  For the Grand National, all deductions are the same, but the 10 point rule becomes a 5 point rule and the minimum scores for each award are higher than at a National.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but, this is an example of all the categories for judging at an AACA National or Grand National.  I have included the same form twice (with one rotated)  The second one is taken directly from the Judging Guidelines.  







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