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  1. I just came across this thread today and was amazed by the great restoration completed on the '32 Olds. It is one beautiful car. Best of luck with it at the National Antique Oldsmobile Club national meet in Lansing. Look forward to when I can see this beauty in person. Tim
  2. cutlasguy, according to the Grand National brochure, packets should be able to be picked up at The NB Center (Ellsworth room) on Thursday from 1 - 5 pm and on Friday from 9 am - 5 pm.
  3. Ehansen5, I am glad to hear that your trailer and car have been found. I hope everything is as it was before being stolen. Tim
  4. calcoupe, I would highly suggest going to the Grand National as a spectator and ask questions of the participants if you have any about how they are run. You will see some of the greatest show cars being shown and most of the participants are always willing to answer questions to help other members. Thanks, Tim
  5. I received an e-mail earlier today that the Oldsmobile Club of America National Meet has been rescheduled from July 2020 to the week of August 2, 2021 – one year and one week later than originally scheduled. Tim
  6. Thanks Mark for posting these quizzes. I have enjoyed them very much to kill some time. Good luck with your move. Tim
  7. Thanks Billy for the comment. I was thinking of using Tamiya clear so, it is a good idea to test first. Thanks again, Tim
  8. I have a question regarding clear coat paint on models. In the instructions of a model I am working on, it states that clear coat can be applied over the decals after waiting 48 hours. Wanted to see if others have done this and if it affects the decals in any way? Thanks, Tim
  9. These daily quizzes are a lot of fun. Thanks Mark for putting them together. Look forward to the upcoming days. I hope everyone is coping during these uncertain times and will be able to stay healthy.
  10. I completely agree that this was a great Grand National in every possible way. Very well run, great entertainment on Friday night, lots to do with the auction, a very nice show area and wonderful food at the banquet. In addition, to have the weather hold off when it sounded like rain for the entire week.....what a bonus. Thanks to everyone who had any part in the entire weekend. Tim
  11. Thanks Mark for your nice response. I am very excited to hear about the 2021 Grand National Meet in Minnesota. Anxious to see more details as they become available. I was unaware about the shows in Cedar Rapids and the NIVA Region as I am a newer member having joined since those would have occurred. Thanks, Tim
  12. I very much enjoyed the Iowa show last year as well. Very nice accommodations and many sights to visit. This venue seems like it could work nicely for a Grand National Show. I would like to see shows spread throughout the country. This would provide an opportunity for members who may not typically attend shows from a long distance a chance to bring their vehicles. Tim