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🙂I would like to compare/contrast 2 cars that I owned . I sold one.

1941 Buick Century 4 door slant back sedan.

Excellent ride. 

Soft steering . 


Luxurious appointment. Wiper chain arranged mechanism.

Built like a tank, beautiful looking shape

The down side is the difficulty in servicing/repairing.

The brake master cylinder is mounted within the frame channel, hard to access. even for filling cylinder,

removing battery is a pain in the back. 

to access the clutch the complete rear end has to removed . Left hand thread on the right side. dis connect brake lines.

to remove flywheel, the oil pan has to be removed and the main bearings  loosened, the crank has to be dropped a little to clear the way for flywheel removal.


It is necessary to punch mark the position of the flywheel bolts to the crank shaft.


The next car I still own. 1928 Dodge Senior and is being restored  ground up.

All 4 wheel hydraulic 14 inch brakes easy access to fill and remove master cylinder.

drive shaft can be removed in less than an hour.  Designed like  a drive shaft on a 1968 Chev.

flywheel can be removed in an hour. Battery can be removed easily.

LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE in age of the  2 cars, DODGE BROTHERS were far ahead in design in may ways  compared to other makes. I am subject to corrections. Feel free to comment. I take no offence. 



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Thirteen years of automotive "advancement" and none of it was to the benefit of the mechanic. In '28, manufacturers still expected the owner to do all kinds of "maintenance" that a decade later would be firmly in the realm of professionals. I had a Chrysler '72 at one time, the manual had a section on differential bearing adjustment.  

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48 minutes ago, dodge28 said:

🤩 I am not sure about leaving it to the owner. In my Owners Manual it says almost anything not functioning correctly, take it to a Dodge Dealer.

I don't think I was clear. What I was trying to say was that in '28 they seemed to pay a lot more attention to "ease of maintenance" thinking that the customer might be doing it. That's interesting about your Dodge manual...its the same year as my Chrysler. 

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With the clutch and the brakes fixed on the Buick you found a buyer.


Now you have a Dodge that needs everything fixed, from the ground up. Lots of work to do when you could have been driving a Buick.



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The Buick was too bulky to fit in my garage. I could not get used to driving it in modern traffic.

The Dodge was a project to keep me occupied on retirement. Not too much wood work. I smell Fisher Body scent all over. Body pieces  are all nut and bolts and wood screws . Easy to handle because I work alone. I still have a long way to go, but who cares.

If you do not like the work you are doing it is called drudgery. If you like what you are doing it is called a hobby.

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