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40/41 Chrysler stabilizer bar replacement with a newer

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My 1940 Chrysler has a broken stabilizer bar and I did search in vain for years for a used replacement, before I welded what I got with preheating etc. That repaired bar lasted around 2000 miles, but is now again broken and the car really leans in turns. As far as I know, this bar is shared across all Chryslers 1940 and 1941 and of rather small dimensions so an upgrade would be beneficial. Has anyone found a newer and possibly beefier stabilizer bar and mounted that on their 1940s Chrysler?


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2 hours ago, JACK M said:


Several to choose from if you want to step up to what the racers use.



Looking through the speedwaymotors pages, I cannot find any that looks to be a bolt-on fit on my car? Is it maybe a procedure to narrow down what can be used and how to adapt? I was honestly hoping someone would come forward and list a solution they had made for their 40s Mopar.

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