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What is this piece?

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Hey, I’m looking for the correct name of this piece? I’m trying to find a new/used one for my 1968 Lesabre but have no idea the correct name. Current on I have is broken in half and the picture posted is of an eBay listing but they cannot remove it from dash without breaking it either. 


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Ignition switch bezel.  To remove the switch, find something to index with the indentions on the ring which holds the switch in.  Get it to turn counterclockwise to screw it off.  Reverse to install.


Might need to remove the key cyl by inserting the key, insert a paper clip into the hole, turn the key all the way to the left and the key and cyl should pop out.  Might be that it moves to the right?  Check the service manual on this.  With that center part removed, then the outer ring can be removed, I suspect.



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Right, but the switch has to come out first.


Yes the ignition cylinder needs to be removed first. Then the indented ring/nut can be unscrewed to remove the switch from the bezel (escutcheon).


Only early cars with LOCK-ON-OFF do you turn the cylinder CW and insert the pin.  All the others are turn cylinder CCW and insert pin (paper clip). Yes the key needs to be in to do this.


Russell Davis makes tools that fit the indented ring/nut so it can be removed without damage. He started making Corvair tools then expanded into other models.  Blue Chip Machine is his company. 

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