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1960 and 1961 Mercury Owners - Hubcaps?

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I am creating this thread directed to owners of full size 1960 and 1961 Mercurys.
My concern is that a lot of owners of these vehicles may have fitted the wrong year Hubcaps to their Mercury.
It amazes me when I read listings of these Mercury Hubcaps on ebay where advertisers have the years around the wrong way.
They either advertise a 1960 Mercury Hubcap as a 1961 model, or a 1961 Mercury Hubcap as a 1960 Mercury model.
Other Sellers show a 1960 or 1961 Mercury Hubcap and list it as 1960/1961.
It seems that these two model years of Mercury cause more confusion than any other models.
So, please check your Mercury to make sure that they have the correct year Hubcaps.



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