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37 1/2 ton cab to frame bolts.


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This is what I have to work with. However, there are 6 holes in the cab floor indicating that there should be 6 bolt/spring assemblies I think. I know in 1942, 3 bolt/spring assemblies and one bolt (less spring) was the stock setup.  I believe that set up allowed for one bolt (less spring) to anchor the cab while the remaining 3 with springs, allowed some frame twist between it and the cab. Any help from the Brothers appreciated. JohnIMG_22931.JPG.85f4b87938f8b1c423d0aeaeb5222917.JPG

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I had a 1937 MC.  I “think” the 1937 parts book shows the locations.  I seem to recall the long bolt and spring was located on the passenger side.  Not sure I have a parts book anymore that I can reference.

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