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Repair of rust holes in galvanized water tank

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im trying to find a person/shop who can repair several holes in a galvanized water tank. 

possibly make a new one if the tank is too far gone.  

local to Southern California preferred but somewhere reputable and that i can drive in a  day ok too. 

are people replacing galvanized with stainless now to reduce rusting?







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it seems that gastankrenu has offices in LA

Gas Tank Renu – USA, Los Angeles
Mac’s Radiator
or Orosco Auto Service
9665 Alondra Blvd
Bellflower, California 90706
Howard De Oca
Jovany Perrone

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I personally had a new metal gas tank made for my '15 truck in regular steel and then had it hot zinc dipped/ galvanized. 


Had a local HVAC sheet metal shop reproduce the tank and then took it to the hot dip company. 


Looks totally original except newer.  Also will never rust.

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