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FS 1914 right hand drive chassis 120" wheel base from 50 h.p. automobile.

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1914 Cadillac right hand drive chassis consisting of: frame, two front leaf springs, two parallel rear leaf springs and traverse spring, shackles, front axle, drag link, pitman arm, PXL_20230620_172815679.jpg.86244b196ddb9005a2f9f18eccf7498c.jpgsteering column less wood for aluminum wheel spider, original castings that attach rear end to rear springs,has clutch and brake pedal assembly.  


Located in Amherst Ohio 30 miles West of Cleveland. $2600.00 firm.



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Looks in great condition - best of luck with the sale.  
I'm curious please for my own reference - how does one date the chassis to a given year?


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Hi Matt


Thanks for the well wishes. As far as I know there are no numbers on the frame or identifying marks to date the frame. 


The 1913 Cadillac had the gas tank mounted under the front seat gravity fed fuel. There was a piece of channel across the back with a casting riveted to it. The rear traverse spring mounted to the casting. The wheelbase was 120". The rear spare tire bracket on most of the 1913 body styles mounter under the cross spring. As per the photo. The rear parallel springs were about 46" long. 


Cadillac moved the gas tank to the back of the frame in 1914. There was a small hand pump on the dash to pressurize the fuel to the carburetor. After the car started there was a small air pump driven off the camshaft that maintained air pressure in the fuel tank. Cadillac put an extension on the back of the frame with a round bar across that u-bolts held the cross spring on. There is a small casting on each side of the rear to attach the rear spare tire brackets to. One bracket in each rear corner. The springs were about 54" long. The wheelbase stayed the same at 120". 


1915 was the first V-8 and Cadillac went to left hand drive. 


Hope that helps some.







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