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2023 Region Awards logos

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  • I received my 2022 newsletter award but the link from the AACA.org web page at aaca.org/region-award-logos only has the 2021 images.

Would someone kindly post the link to the 2021 awards?


Roy Ireland

Editor, Sandblast

Tucson Region

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That's on Pat's very long list of things to do in the National Office. The way the awards logos are formated does not allow her to push a button and  they instantly update. She has to erase 2021 and add in 2022.

I have discussed this with her. In the meantime just continue to use the 2021 logo. I'll make sure no one gets a deduction for that.

BTW, in the meantime to all,  the Constant Contact email to sign up for both editors and web masters should go out this Friday. So everyone make sure your officers list and application(s) go in asap. Remember both the officers List and application(s) have to be done annually.

Phillip Cole 

VP of Publications 

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