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  1. Here is a pic of the same area on my unrestored 1947 76S. I don't believe that hole came from the factory.
  2. I'm working on my 1947 Roadmaster. There is a paint mark on the side of the clutch assembly. Could this be a color code for the factory assembly line? Just wondering. I far as I can tell, the car has not been restored or molested. Thanks, Ashby
  3. Hubert - thanks for the additional information. Broadstreet3 - I passed your phone number on to Larry. He'll give you a call. Thanks, Ashby
  4. Posting for a friend. Rebuilt Marvel carb. for 1926-1929 and 1930 model 50 & 60 Buicks. $250 For more information, contact Larry at 632-eight-two-zero-1404. Carb. is in Leland, NC. Thanks
  5. Can anyone recommend a good kit for this? I'm looking for one that will cover 1940's - 1970's GM cars. Everything I looked at online doesn't seem to cover any application older than the late 1980's.
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