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  1. Can anyone recommend a good kit for this? I'm looking for one that will cover 1940's - 1970's GM cars. Everything I looked at online doesn't seem to cover any application older than the late 1980's.
  2. This 1931 Model 94 is so nice you get a picture of the front and back.
  3. I think I got a picture of most of the beautiful Buicks there. Enjoy! Ashby
  4. I appreciate everyone's input. Yes Marty, the car came with a radio, clock, and heater/defroster. I agree the ww's look better on the Roadmaster's, especially a nice car like Matt's convertible. I've got a set of ww's on my 1937 Roadmaster and they look great. My only issue with them is they started yellowing in less than 2 years. The car is stored inside. The tires were L's I got from U.T. (Not sure I can name the brand without getting moderated.) The 1947 is unrestored. The paint, chrome, interior, etc. are original. I plan to leave it this way. I was wonderi
  5. I have a 1947 Roadmaster Sedanette. It's time to buy a set of bias tires. The 1947 sales brochure shows the car with wide whitewalls. I'm assuming the car could have come with blackwalls. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks, Ashby
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