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  1. Any idea when the 2018 logos for Region and Chapter Awards will be available? Roy Ireland Tucson Region
  2. I emailed Steve Moskowitz my question. Here is his reply: We do not take possession until March and then the remodel begins. We are hard at work trying to raise all the funds to make this happen.
  3. Is there any update on the progress of the new headquarters building on Hersheypark Drive? Is there an expected move-in date, or has the move already happened?
  4. Online registration for the 2018 Western Spring Meet in Tucson, AZ is now available at members.aaca.org. Information about the meet and a Schedule of Events can be seen at http://www.tucsonaaca.org/
  5. Photos of the Dual in the Desert II Grand National and Western Spring meets can be found at: fsrau.smugmug.com Thanks to Frank Rau of Pappy's Perspectives for shooting, editing and posting these photos!
  6. As Ron stated above, the 2015 Dual in the Desert II, Western Spring and Grand National Meets will be in Tucson on March 18-21. Meet registration is now available using response cards in the Antique Automobile, as well as online. Visit the Tucson Region website at www.tucsonaaca.org for meet information and host hotel reservation information at Casino del Sol Resort. There is also information about area places of interest to explore while you are in the Tucson Area. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Sunny Tucson in March!
  7. I haven't had as good an experience with the Higherinfogroup Help Desk. Due to a hack into my Joomla editor, I changed my web site program to Weebly. After I notified the Higherinfogroup of the change, it took two weeks for them to update the DNS pointers. We are hosting a National Dual Meet in March of 2015 and our meet ad is already in the July-August issue of Antique Automobile. We needed the website to be back on line as quickly as possible so interested parties could get additional information about the meets. All you get when you send an email to higherinfogroup is an automated message that someone will contact you as soon as possible.Roy Ireland Tucson Region Webmaster
  8. I'm sure most of you already know this because it seems to be an ongoing issue. The link to the 2013 award logos is actually www.aaca.org/region-awards (note the hyphen). It can also be reached through the Regions and Chapters link on the AACA home page.
  9. The letter accompanying the region newsletter and website award certificates contains an incorrect url to the Award logos. The correct address is: www.aaca.org/region-awards
  10. Are there any plans to allow newsletters submitted for evaluation to be sent electronically? This is a trend that many organizations are adopting and with the costs involved with printing and mailing, it makes sense in these economically challenging times. Roy Ireland Editor, Sandblast Tucson Region
  11. This link appears to be broken. Can you update it please? Roy Someone is working on it, Roy! Thanks-Wayne
  12. Bob, I took a look at your Tallahassee Region Website and it looks great to me! I like the layout and photos. The only thing I noticed that might have "demoted" you from Excellence was the absense of contact information for club officers. At least it wasn't obvious to me. And I have seen the same thing happen to the Tucson Region website since 2006. Ours has dropped from Excellence to Merit without any significant changes in content or appearance. The only thing I can think of is that someone doing an online review must have logged on one time before I had a chance to remove some outdated activities. I try to update the site once a week but sometimes that's just not possible. We must also keep in mind that the folks doing the evaluations are also fellow club members and volunteers and I'm sure they only want the best for our websites and newsletters. Roy Ireland Webmaster, Tucson Region
  13. I'm interested in specifically how to password protect a web page. I have recently began to publish our monthly newsletter in .pdf format and place a link on our Region web page. However, some of our board members feel this it is too risky to have this information available to the general cyber-public. It also defeats the purpose of having the newsletter as a benefit of membership if anyone can view it. So, is there a good, easy html remedy for this that anyone would care to pass along? Roy Ireland
  14. Well, as is typical of our Federal Bureaucracy, the EPA has delayed the official enactment of the new Arizona emissions rule until all their red tape has been satisfied. The new effective date is the first of May 2007. A nice summary of all the issues involved with this legislation can be found on the Hagerty Plus web site. See this Hagerty Plus link for more information. Roy Ireland
  15. Good point, Ron. It would be important to make our members aware of this restriction. Roy
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