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CUT-AWAY 1959 FIAT 600. - $5,950 (Tarzana CA)

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Not cheap. Unlikely you could get $6000 for a regular 1959 Fiat, but it is interesting. . . . .

More photos in ad.

Is anybody bothered that this does not come with a title? 




A totally cut-away FIAT 600 (approx 1957-1961). NOT HIGHWAY LEGAL!!!) Engine and gears rotate with the hand crank. Steering turns. Every part dissected. Professionally built.
This is the harder to find compact model that can be folded upright to a more convenient size when not on display.
Approx 77 ins tall by 24ins x 24ins.
Display rolls easily on wheels.
Sold with a Bill of Sale (notarized if needed).
An interesting and rare item for display in a museum or a great addition to any classic car collection.
Please call  818 seven o five - 8 six 55  (land line/ no texts).
Fairly priced at $5950 or close sensible offer.











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Awe c'mon! I wanted to drive that thing across the country!


Old motorcycle cutaway engines get a premium, then again they can be displayed in a moderately sized office. This is really cool. If I was a Fiat guy I would have to think hard about it. I saw something very similar to this on a tv show, it may have been in a Fiat museum? they said it was originally used as a training tool.

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They were a popular project for High School auto shop classes back in the 1960's and early 1970's. When I did my teacher training back in the 1980's several school shops I was at had something similar gathering dust at the back of the shop. Usually based on something small like this Fiat. 

 They were a great way to introduce grade 10's and 11's to basic vehicle construction.

Usually some small car donated by a parent or former student. 

 Cars today are too complicated and young people don't generally seem to have the ability to stick with a laborious task to build things like this anymore.

Seems like a lot of money for something that is in reality a dust collector.

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