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Is it? or Is it Not a Studebaker Trunk

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Came across this trunk for sale. Seller says it's a Studebaker Suitcase trunk.


Advice appreciated if it is actually a Studebaker accessory? Thanks for comments.


Measures: 31" width, 19" height, 18" depth. All ±.



Henry M. Votel

Forest Lake, MN


Trunk? 1.jpg

Trunk? 2.jpg

Trunk? 3.jpg

Trunk? 4.jpg

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Any comments or insight will be appreciated. I suppose if no comments that that would trend toward saying it is not likely for a Studebaker. I can live with that.


Quonset Studebaker

Henry M. Votel

Forest Lake, MN 

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Henry, it’s a decent looking trunk that you could use until you found a Studebaker trunk. I have no idea if it is or isn’t but if not to costly a little areo cleaner/rubber conditioner would clean it up well. What car do you want it for? 
dave s 

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Absent a tag stating it was a Studebaker accessory (Packard used such tags), the only way to validate that the product of an outside manufacturer was an official Studebaker accessory would be to peruse Stude accessory catalogs for pictures of trunks offered by dealers as "Studebaker trunks."  The unusually large nickeled corners make it fairly easy to identify if found in such a catalog.

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Attached are some photos of my original truck on my 1922 Studebaker Big Six.  Your truck is a different style from mine but the covering texture, hinge and latches sure tell me it's Studebaker; or if Studebaker didn't make their own trunks, at least from the same supplier that Studebaker used for my car.  The cover texture is called "long grain" and my seats are from the same material in leather. - don't know if the truck is in leather.  To me, the hinge, latches and corner trim all match up...for what it's worth.  

'22 Stude Big Six Trunk.JPG

’22 Stude Big Six Trunk Latch 1.JPG

’22 Stude Big Six Trunk Corner.JPG

’22 Stude Big Six Trunk Hinge.JPG

 ’22 Stude Big Six Trunk Latch 2.JPG

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