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  1. Thanks for the lead and the photos. I'll check into it. If you have a pair of tapered stud assemblies that you would be willing to part with, could you let me know the diameter and length? My car takes a 3/4" dia. assembly. Thanks
  2. This does help. I thought the top rest saddle for my car would be a Bair type, and that's what Part No. 38525 is showing. Also, it appears to be the longer saddle that would accommodate the five bows of a touring or speedster; the shorter ones for the three bows of a roadster. The distance from the rod that goes into the car body to the bottom of the saddle also seems to match where my bottom bow would land in the saddle (by eyeball). Looks like I know what to look for. Thanks
  3. A couple of pictures would be great, George, if it's not too much trouble. Since you mentioned that the plugs are aluminum, and mine appear that...are the bodies aluminum? I know the fenders and front hood are steel.
  4. My '22 Studebaker Big Six Speedster (not Touring) doesn't have any top rest saddles. Instead the holes in the body at those locations are filled with, what appears to be, factory plugs. They fit perfectly, same color as the car, and have a tension wire to hold them securely in place. Were cars sold with the intention of not lowering the top? Were Speedsters all sold this way? Could the car have been originally sold without a top, and it was added later? From what I know the car always had the top, but no provisions to support it in the down position. Anyone know what might be the story on this, or have seen these plugs on other cars? Thanks
  5. I'm looking to clean up the metal robe rail and set of six vertical brackets on the back of my recently acquired 1922 Studebaker Big Six Speedster car. They are currently a dark "gold" shade. I took this as discoloration or general wear after 98 years. Metal polish isn't touching it. When I unscrewed the robe rail into three pieces, there is a very shiny metallic (like new) shine to the metal that was under the rail ends. Is this nickel like the bumpers and radiator shroud are? I carefully scraped off some of the "coating" with my fingernail (it came off like a powder) and it sure appears that there is the same shiny metal underneath. Does anyone know what the robe rail and rear brackets were originally; nickel or a darker coating that's on there now? My next step would be to use a mild abrasive like a Scotch Pad on them to remove the "coating" to bring out the shiny metal look to them, and then polish them. Also, are the six brackets on the back of the car just ornamental or do they have a purpose? See attached pictures, and thanks.
  6. Thanks for the input. I know it's the original material as I know the history of the car from new, believe it or not! I also believe it's leather, but not 100% on that. Here's another photo showing a tape measure next to the grain; the distance between the sewn seams is 3-3/4". Again, thanks and I'll follow up on the leads.
  7. I’m looking for reproduction leather seat material to redo the two seat bottoms of my 1922 Studebaker Big Six Speedster (similar to a Touring model). The original seat backs are in good shape and have a lengthwise grain to them. Picture attached. Any ideas where I might be able to location this material? Thanks
  8. Thank you so much! I thought it was called a "Care and Operation" manual but wasn't sure until now. I really appreciate this. Ken
  9. I have an Owners Manual for a '22 Big Six but it's missing the front cover. By any chance does anyone have a copy or scan of this that I could obtain just to complete the book? Ken Figel Bjrpapa@aol.com
  10. Thanks! Should have realized this as they are the correct height for the hubs from the floor. So were they intended to support the car by the four hubs when the wheels were off the car? You are right that they are not heavy duty - would never trust them to support a car. Thanks again.
  11. These parts/stands came with my 1922 Studebaker and I don't know what they're for. They look like stands of some type. There are four of them; two with leather binding on the top, two without. It's a touring car, so would they be used to hold the top in the down position? They fold flat. Any help is much appreciated.
  12. Know this is probably a stretch as I believe this info has been lost to time, but here goes...Does anyone know the body color(s) of a 1922 Studebaker Big Six Speedster? My car has the original paint (been verified) but is pretty oxidized. It appears to be a black body with black fenders. However I came across an article in Motor Age from May, 1922 introducing this model and it states it will be blue with gold striping on the (hood) louvers. I can see the gold striping on my louvers. I'll be carefully cleaning the body paint to bring it back the best I can, but would like to know ahead of time what I might be looking for - black or blue? The fenders sure look black. Might the hood be black and the body itself a (deep?) shade of blue? Thanks in advance.
  13. I keep hearing the alarms about the lack of young people, boys and girls, becoming interested in our hobby of antique cars. If so, I'd have to lay it at our own feet and not that of the younger generation. Here's a picture of my 4-1/2 year old grandson helping me finish my restoration of my '57 Chevy Belair by installing new sill plates on the car. He loved it! It's up to us, guys, to instill this interest in our youth.
  14. 1975 Chrysler Cordoba, 57,000 miles, burgundy with newer white landau top and burgundy interior. Excellent original car; chrome perfect. I purchased in 2006 with 38,000 miles on it. 318 ci V8 engine. Several new parts getting it ready to sell. Near Buffalo, NY. Price: $5,000, Have all service and parts records from 2002. Email with questions, or for more info or photos: Bjrpapa@aol.com
  15. Thanks, I thought it was something along what you explained.
  16. In researching it, it is definitely not what we think of as a speedster model today (i.e. the Auburn speedster). Studebaker's advertising at the time definitely showed a touring type car as their speedster model. I think you are correct in that it was a sporty 5 passenger open top car. I guess it maybe had some extra trim, etc. as compared to their advertised "touring" model of the same year. Thanks
  17. Question: The early 20's Studebakers came in a touring or speedster model, as well as the sedan. The speedster was also an open touring car. What was the difference between the touring model and the speedster model?
  18. Can anyone dissect a VIN number (or is it a body number) for me on a 1924 Nash Special Six? It is: 279634 Thanks
  19. Ed, send you a message on this car but you must not have seen it. Can you give me a call on this car at 716-998-0575.