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  1. I came across this article from 1922 regarding the Studebaker Speedster model. It calls out that the Speedster came with a Dividing Arm in the back seat. Does anyone know, or have a record of this, if this was standard or an option?
  2. Until I got your experience with Waldron they were just a company that popped up on the web. Sounds like they provide correct exhaust systems. Getting a quality replacement to just bolt in is the way to go. Thanks for the input. Ken
  3. Does anyone know of a supplier for the correct exhaust pipe, muffler and tail pipe for my '22 Big Six? Only one I can seem to come up with is Waldron's Exhaust in MI. I guess I'm mainly interested in getting the correct muffler; length, inlet and outlet diameters, etc. I could have an exhaust and tail pipe fabricated from the muffler then, but would prefer to just purchase the three correct pieces and be done with it. Also the tail pipe on my car is kind of a stub of a pipe ending just before the rear axle. I take it this is the original style but haven't been able to document this. Thanks,
  4. My only experience with this is that I recently removed the tires from two of my '22 disk wheels. (I'm going to have a restoration shop install new tires & tubes on them). I carefully pried the "split ring" off using a small pry bar in the rectangular hole that is at one end of the ring. The rings were definitely under tension so be very careful, but they did come off ok. From there it was easy enough to remove the old tire and tube. I don't know if some split rings are more dangerous than other years, but I would sure take it slow and be careful. Others may know if there is a difference or a specific tool that should be used. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for all the info, Scott. Good leads for me to follow to start to fill in my set. I would like a tool kit that's as original as possible. Ken
  6. Thanks everyone for all the input, especially the photos and list of tools for my Big Six. After looking at that it looks like more of the original tools came with my car than I thought. They are shown in the attached photo. I believe that shown is original including the tool bag and grease gun. I now know what I will have to fill in to try and complete my set. One thing...the two smaller open end wrenches do not have any markings on them, just plain; the largest open end wrench on the far right is stamped Armstrong with their logo. I'm thinking this wrench is not original. I know Armstrong tools was in business in the 1920's out of Chicago. My car spent it's whole life in a town about 30 minutes south of Chicago which is how this wrench might have ended up in its tool box. Any thoughts?
  7. I do have the disk wheels. I'm guessing you use it to remove the "snap ring" from the wheel?
  8. Finally went through the various tools that came with my car and was wondering if someone could help me on the following: The car came with an antique Simplex No. 41 jack. Knowing that this company was in business from the 1800's this would have been original to the car, correct? Did these cars come with any type of tool kit? I have three steel bars with flattened ends. Are these special tools for the car? Thanks,
  9. Thanks for posting this, Gary. I'm looking to have one made for my '22 Studebaker Big Six Touring.
  10. Thanks for the lead and the photos. I'll check into it. If you have a pair of tapered stud assemblies that you would be willing to part with, could you let me know the diameter and length? My car takes a 3/4" dia. assembly. Thanks
  11. This does help. I thought the top rest saddle for my car would be a Bair type, and that's what Part No. 38525 is showing. Also, it appears to be the longer saddle that would accommodate the five bows of a touring or speedster; the shorter ones for the three bows of a roadster. The distance from the rod that goes into the car body to the bottom of the saddle also seems to match where my bottom bow would land in the saddle (by eyeball). Looks like I know what to look for. Thanks
  12. A couple of pictures would be great, George, if it's not too much trouble. Since you mentioned that the plugs are aluminum, and mine appear that...are the bodies aluminum? I know the fenders and front hood are steel.
  13. My '22 Studebaker Big Six Speedster (not Touring) doesn't have any top rest saddles. Instead the holes in the body at those locations are filled with, what appears to be, factory plugs. They fit perfectly, same color as the car, and have a tension wire to hold them securely in place. Were cars sold with the intention of not lowering the top? Were Speedsters all sold this way? Could the car have been originally sold without a top, and it was added later? From what I know the car always had the top, but no provisions to support it in the down position. Anyone know what might be the story on this, or have seen these plugs on other cars? Thanks