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Wanted 1912/13 Buick Gearbox

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Hi Rod. Bob here again in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I have a 1914 Buick chassis motor and trans are there but have been outside for many years. I need one rear hub for the Buick wire wheels. With 14” brake drums. Ash was bought out by buffalo my wheels and hubs are #5. I have one extra front hub but only one back hub. I’m learning more about these. I believe 12” brake drums are Buick standard and 14” are Buick master. Sure are nice wheels. 

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I think that was a confusing message. The 1914 Buick chassis is not what the wire wheels are going on. You are looking for a 1912 transmission. I think 1914 is different tho.  I need the wire wheel hub for 25-28 Buick master. 

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