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  1. RARE early circa 1908- 1910, electric car headlamps. complete. contact durocar@aol.com
  2. very nice with unbroken glass. complete. contact durocar@aol.com for info.
  3. MORE pictures added on 6/20 /21... Check out the 55 pictures of what I have, NOTE: also scroll down below to see my 2 other links with #1 red tail lights, #2 cowl lights. Then see what picture you're interested in and count down from the top and give me the number of the picture and a good description of it. Please ask everything you want to know about it in your first email, so I can answer you with the details in my first email to you. thanks. contact durocar@aol.com
  4. heres a pair for sale. asking $225. contact me at durocar@aol.com
  5. hi, If you need a nice spare 1915 overland radiator (pictured above ) Its for sale. contact durocar@aol.com
  6. I also have 1 more headlight just like it without the fork in case someone wants a matching pair. Negotiable. contact durocar@aol.com
  7. hi, kbeach, they were never for sale but on display only, I guess I could sell them if you have a use for them. email me at durocar@aol.com
  8. sorry, its not a Everitt hub cap, no gas shit off.
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