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Setting body back on the frame-advice needed

Andy J

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I'll soon be setting my "51 Pontiac Chieftain body back on the frame.Here's my problem:when I lifted it off,I didn't pay close enough attention to where the shims were located.I didn't realize this was so important until I read that if the shims weren't in the right places,it will be problems getting the doors to line up and close properly.I may be overthinking this,but it appears from what I've read this is very important.I have a lift in my shop so controlling the raising and lowering won't be a problem.BTW,this is a four door car.


Any advice is welcome;criticism also welcome to help remind me to pay attention to what I'm doing.

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Being a four door helps. A convert is a whole other kettle of fish. What works for me is setting the body on the frame that is on a flat level floor. Then, using a crow bar or bars, rock/position the body until it's at the best overall average mount  spacings on the frame. Sometimes only two mounts hit sometimes more. Shim to fill spaces..........Bob

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what Bob said ...  I did the same thing on my 53 4 door. Line up 4 corners, add body mount pads, finger tighten bolts. Shake,rock and roll body on frame to settle. add remaining pads and bolts and shim as needed. tighten bolts to specs... Open and close doors to check how you did.... may have to retighten bolts after some road time as some settling occurs on new pads.   John 

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