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1977 triumph spitfire - $8,000 not mine

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A fun little car. Runs and drives great.
Small list of things done-
Weber carb
Ragtop fitted last summer
Aftermarket camshaft
New fuel pump
New starter
New water pump
And much more. I have receipts and paperwork for pretty much everything done.
Exhaust work done, sounds great
4 o six 2 zero 0 1 33 two





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Cute little car. I used to really want one of these when I was younger. Probably makes more sense than any of the old Jags I've got cluttering my yard.

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I remember reading a road test, maybe R&T Used Car Classic, that likened driving a Spitfire to wearing one.  

Not bad looking but really small even compared to a TR or MG.  Wanted one as well. Or any LBC as a 13, 14 year old.  Parental veto.  Too dangerous.  What about parts.  Insurance, blah blah..

Like motorcycles, I had to wait till I was an adult and treated myself then. 😉

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