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For Sale - 1919 Cadillac Type 57 Touring - $39,500 - Paso Robles, CA - Not Mine

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Not Mine.  Craigslist Ad:




1919 Type 57 5 Passenger Touring with the original 314 cubic-inch V8 with 3 speed Transmission, an older Restoration, strip and repainted 5 years ago with the original paint color. Tires, 2 spars and Upholstery are in excellent condition, also have all original owners manuals, Also there a tool kit in the driver door, car run great not a freeway car, price is $39500 OBO. call Jeff for more information at 81eight-72six-5two70
















Not Mine.  I have not personal interest in the sell of this 1919 Cadillac touring.


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The car looks very similar to a 1918 Cadillac 

owned by a man I know.  His isn't in quite as nice

a condition, but he has owned his for 83 years.

He got it as a used car when he was a college student

in 1939 and drove it more than 20,000 miles before

World War II:



Visit with Irenee du Pont 2016 (12) - Copy.JPG

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Hmm...it is a “not mine” posting that I posted.  At the time I posted $39,500

was the Craigslist ad price.  I just now searched again and the ads for the same car I opened still show $39,500 however sometimes the seller updates only one ad at a new lower price.  Post the new link with the lower price...

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That is humorous; Mark Huston posted the same car using a newer Craigslist ad and clearly the seller increased the price by $2,000 (as you pointed out).  Obviously I was reading Mark’s thread but thought I was reading my original thread.  Forgot to go back and look at my original thread; only went straight to Craigslist to check.  The seller has deleted the original $37,500 listing....

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