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Golden colored 1950 - 1960's steering wheel

Douglas Gilmore Brown

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I retrieved this steering wheel from a junk pile. It was black with crud, which I scrubbed off. The top and bottom parts are clear plastic over a gold colored steel base, and the center section is gold colored opaque plastic. Part number 9742985 is on the center. The wheel is about 16 5/8 wide by 15 3/4 inches high. It is deeply dished; about 6 1/4 inches deep.


I'm suspecting it is a Mopar product from the late 50's or early 60's, but that is just a guess.


Anyone out there know what it is from  ??? Thanks for your input.



IMG_6061 (2).JPG

IMG_6060 (2).JPG

IMG_6059 (2).JPG

IMG_6057 (3).JPG

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