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  1. Thanks for your comment; when it stops raining, I will go out to the shed and see who made it.
  2. This was found on a long - abandoned Maine farm about 20 years ago. The rubber is black , but has weathered white. It is marked 34 X 5. It weighs about 100 pounds, probably would be a better lawn ornament than a restoration part.
  3. I suspect that this was made about the time that Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic, which was in May, 1927. He was hugely popular at the time, and this may have been sold to commemorate / exploit the event.
  4. Hi, Deliveryman, Sorry, but it sold this almost immediately after I put it on ebay a few weeks ago. I used the proceeds toward a nice car hauling trailer that a fellow 8 miles down the road had for sale. Turns out that he has a nice (original paint) 1930 Chevy sedan in his garage. It runs, but needs new wood in the driver's door. He wants to get it on the road. Nice to see a genuine barn find 90 year old car; and he had some great stories about it. If you can use a 1937 Chevy banjo wheel, there are a couple of them on ebay right now for under $400.00. One
  5. The 82 year old man who had this said it was a late 30's Chevrolet; but was not sure of the year, or if it was from a car or pickup truck. It has number "263238" and "SAGINAW GEAR" on it. The end of the shaft where the steering wheel attached is tapered and has a Woodruff key; and is smooth, without any splines.
  6. Whooops! Please pay no attention to the second picture. Here is the picture I should have used.
  7. This lens measures about 7 1/2 inches wide, and 7 3/8 inches high. The "bulge" on it is about 2 inches high. It has no markings at all. It has a flat bottom edge, so I suspect it was from the late 1930's, where the headlight pod was on top of the fender. It came with a box lot of pre 1960 US car and truck parts. Your help will be much appreciated.
  8. The limo in the foreground looks like it has a Maine license plate from 1936, 1937, or 1939. Can anyone ID the make and year?
  9. Hi, Auburn seeker, Thanks for your input! I bought this at a country auction last Sunday. It had been in a Maine barn for over 50 years, and there was a heavy coating of grit and dried grease all over the the steering box. I thought it was from Hudson Terraplane, Studebaker, or another small maker at that time. I got home and spent 45 minutes removing all the crud, which revealed the Saginaw marking. A few days later, I got to thinking it probably was GM. Googling Cadillac, LaSalle, Olds, Pontiac, and finally Chevrolet, I discovered it is 1938 Chevrolet. A few day's
  10. I did some web searching, and it turns out that this was an optional steering wheel for 1938 Chevrolet cars.
  11. This is a banjo steering wheel with Saginaw steering gear. Looks like late 1930's to early 1950's era. All the hard rubber or plastic on the wheel is gone.
  12. Didn't Studebaker have an "S" of this style on their hubcaps in the 20's ?
  13. This came with some 1949 Plymouth parts I got at a country auction. It was claimed to be 1935 Plymouth, BUT I seriously doubt it. It looks like there are small nail holes at edge of trunk opening, and at upper edge where the top framing would be. Plymouth had all steel bodied then. I'm guessing it is GM or some other wood framed body of that era.
  14. That's an interesting grille guard. Was it original Mopar, or aftermarket?
  15. Thanks for your help, paulrhd29nz ! I searched ebay for 1925 Hudson, and found eBay item number: 124315071450 under completed items It shows a very original 1925 Hudson. It went off auction on Sept 3, with no winning bids. It has lots of photos of this car; check them out and save them if you need references for your restoration 124315071450
  16. Where in Maine are you? I am up in Freedom, Maine, and am interested.
  17. This looks to be about 1920's vintage. The steering wheel is 18 inches in diameter. The housing of the steering gear has "38 GEMMER" cast into it, and stamped above this is the number 353047. 5911 is also cast into the housing, and 8814 is cast into the plate with the adjusting screw.
  18. The trim ring looks like the one on a ca. 1926 Chevrolet headlight that I once had, but the black part is more rounded than mine was. So, I think drwatson in on the right trail, saying it is GM.
  19. I found this is a box of 1940 's Flathead Ford stuff I washed and polished lots of crud off it, and it looks pretty decent Chrome plating on brass, and probably European. Your help in identifying it will be much appreciated.
  20. This sort of looks like Stutz, but might be aftermarket or another make of car
  21. It appears to be stainless, and has FOMOCO script embossed. I suspect it is post 1980's. It is about 14 inches long
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