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1947 Seagrave Firetruck - $6,000 not mine

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You would think they would have taken the extra 10-15 seconds out of their busy day to move the 2 trash bags BEFORE taking the photo!

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My Dad was chief of BP FD in the early 70's and I remember these trucks going out of service. Most on LI were donated to small upstate, NY, departments. Sad thing is these always had extremely low miles, always garaged, and were maintained to high standards. Until they got donated to a rural department where many sat outside or in a lean-too until something broke and then were pushed aside as they begged for another donation to fill the spot. Not cheap by any means when new. Blue Point FD finally took their 1956 Mack out of service in 2005 where it became the "antique truck" for parades and tournaments and that replaced the 1934 American LaFrance which is now is a museum and used for special occasions.  Spent many a day growing up on this truck and it carried my father from the funeral home to his final resting spot after a tour around town as my brother and I rode on the back.  Old fire trucks are pretty cool. Especially original and unrestored. Lots of history rode with these trucks. Blue Point, NY (Engine Company #2) Antique

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