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Rob B

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Hi Bob,

           Once I have , as much as possible verify it’s a special / cycle car I will restore it . If it proves be something else then I’ll follow that . It’s history point to a cycle car built in 1913 by a motor engineer in Charters Towers Qld Aus. One of the documents around this car is by the fellow who found it in 57 . His story around the car is that Ross Husband who is thought to have built the car, he certainly owned , bought it of a Water Borer prior. He also states that it was one of 7 brought into Australia from the USA. There is first hand evidence locating the car in Charters Towers pre WW1 and it was also found just outside Charters Towers in 57.  Both the widow of Ross , his son  and an old resident of the town supported its early history. The Northern Miner news paper in the 70s did an article and brought a 3 page letter in response. He states he knew of the car when used around town by Husband and clearly described the friction drive of the car. Anyhow I’ll keep enquiring about the “Husband “ as it has been referred to since the 70s. I’ve got a Brush to finish ,then I’ll get into the job of restoring this little car. Should be a fun car to own. 





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