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Straight 8 - Head Gasket Coating?


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I have a decent oil leak on the passenger side of my 263, and I haven't been able to find it (even using dye).  After a couple of months of head scratching, I decided to pull the pushrod cover and check things out in that area.  Unfortunately, I found that the head gasket has been seeping into the lifter area, probably for years.  Over the winter, I'm going to pull the head and have it checked out (the engine was rebuilt by my machine shop 15 years ago and probably has 15,000 miles on it).  I'm guessing it's never been a huge leak because I've had my cooling system pressure tester on it, with no alarming results.  But it explains the milky breather and water drips from the draft tube.

Anyway, when I eventually get it all back together, I want to obviously avoid future leaks.  Does anybody spray those "coated" steel head gaskets with coppercoat or anything similar?  Thanks!


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Yes.  When we removed the push rod cover from my 1938 Buick Special Model 41, we discovered the same issue on my Buick earlier this Spring 2021.  We noticed a very small coolant leak down the push rod around the number eight cylinder towards the firewall.  Upon removal of the 248 engine head, a new head gasket was installed with the Permatex Copper High Temperature Spray-A-Gasket Sealant with very good results.  My friend owns four (4) 1936 Buicks and one of them is a 1936 Buick Century that was originally purchased by his grandfather and has also used the same product on his straight 8s with very good results.



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