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1948 Chrysler dash color?

R Walling

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I am looking to refinish the inside window frames that are the same color as the dash.

It is a dark blue with maybe a dash of purple tint in the color.

 The outside is black and the trim code is 19.

 Could anybody help me find the color # so I may find a close match?



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 The glove box door is plastic and has lost its color.

 I did have my window frames color scanned and it came back with two colors. One had a metallic in it and the other had pearl in it, neither are period correct.

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 Type in AutoColorLibrary.com. Then you have to select the year (1941) and type of car (Chrysler). You need to select 1941 because the 46-48 color chips do not include all the colors for 48. This will bring you to the exterior colors but I think the Newport Blue is the color you want. I don't know if a paint store can cross reference this paint number or not, but I think you can order the paint right from the website you are on. Maybe order a small amount in case it is wrong. Good luck.

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I'm interested to hear what you come up with.  This summer, I'm planning to do the same.  I have some good pieces that have good, unfaded paint that I was going to have scanned or color matched.  Some of my pai t is peeling off.  I have the same blue as yours.  I would think somebody has done this already but I'll share what I come up with this summer.

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