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1954 Buick Skylark


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Hey there fellow Skylark owners.  I am restoring a 54 Skylark and have lots of extra parts from two other Skylarks.  So if you are in need of something from a 54 Buick Skylark

feel free to reach out to me and I will see if I can help in any way with parts to help you with your project as well.  I will be posting a list of parts soon as I start to document all that I have available.



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Here is a quick list of what i know I have that is available:


Headlight trim both

Complete engine and trans

Hood Ornament

Backup lights, skylark only.

Rear trunk bumper chrome connectors

2 extra doors

rear trim along edge of convertible top where it meets the body, snap connectors are part of this trim.

Front radiator cross brace across front of radiator.

Complete convertible folding frame with front bow that connects to top of windshield.

top of air cleaner for engine.

Ash tray drawers for dash.

Four wire wheels, some spokes are missing.

Rear trunk latch and striker plates, nuts and bolts to mount as well.

Front hood latch and striker parts.

Stainless trim for the sides, both left and right. two sets to select from.

Stainless for the windshield, all pieces, two sets to select from.

Chrome trim for the top of the doors and rear quarters as well.

Chrome trim for inside base of the bash up at bottom edge of windshield.

Power window switches, one complete set.

Power seat switch

three front grill sets

two top brows for above grill

two sets of corner grill brow

one rear bumper

one front bumper, top and bottom

one set of front bumper guards, need work done to them

one hydraulic pump, rebuildable

one extra power brake booster

one window washer fluid jar and holder.

one sun visor for skylark only.

two side glass and frames

two quarter side glass and frames



I will add more items as I inventory the parts, if you see anything you need contact me and I will take pics and provide a reasonable price.

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