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Steaming around Kingfield Maine

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Saturday was an amazing day! My daughter and I, along with our friends - Herb and Chris were invited by the Stanley Museum Steam crew to take a tour around Kingfield and New Portland. We covered 30 miles with a large percentage of it over dirt roads winding over and through the beautiful hills and forests of Western Maine.  Fantastic adventure with wonderful people and amazing automobiles.


During the long ride home my daughter told me that it was "THE best Daddy/Daughter adventure ever."  Abby is Autistic and to see the smile on here face while riding "Shotgun" with Sue in the Model R or enjoying the comfort of the 1916 Model 725, or manning the hand pump or water hose or interacting with the crew and people we met along the way was priceless. 


Special thanks to Mark, Debbie, Sue and Jim for hosting us and providing such a memorable day!


Now I need to sell my house and cash out my retirement account.......... (LOL)



Abby keeping up the fuel pressure during firing-up.





Out in the breeze in the model R. Abby keeping a firm grip on her favorite cap.





This route would be fantastic with the fall foliage out.




Mark tends the pilot light before we head across the New Portland Wire Bridge which was built in 1866



A stop along the way for water. Since the water was too low to siphon out of the river we stopped at a random house. Since there was a crowd of people we thought it was a family reunion or party but it turned out to be a wake for a deceased family member. However, they were gracious enough to let us fill up the tanks and enjoyed our brief visit and the humor of it. 
















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21 hours ago, JAK said:

I disagree I prefer the coffin nose, could it be because I was born in a funeral home and my toys were kept in a casket?


I think the Vanderbilt replica racers are fantastic looking but the nose is definitely an acquired taste.    You know how to make a Stanley look great?  Park it next to a White.    Disclaimer:  I know the engineering on a White is superior.




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