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1941 Lincoln Zephyr dash button "SWF".

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That makes sense.  "W" is for "Wipers", "S" is for "Slow", and "F" is for "Fast".  What threw me is that normally that button has a little arm coming off of it.  You grab the arm to rotate it to work the wipers.  It doesn't have any letters on it.


So now maybe someone can comment on why this has a different looking wiper button.  Maybe it's from another year of car?

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Keith here. The knob pictured is incorrect. Somewhere in it's history someone has exchanged it for a suitable replacement.  I can tell by the photo ( speedometer )the car is a Zephyr, not a Zephyr Continental. The knobs for both were the same, however the Continental knobs have red lettering and the Zephyr  ivory.  The correct knob is the one on the left-hand side in the photo attached. Several years ago I wrote an article for the Way of the Zephyr outlining the interior knobs for the '36 through "41 Zephyr years. The B/W photo of the '41  layout is from the article.


Keith, Knobsoup,Inc


1941 Full Set Dash-72dpi.jpg

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I think I may have figured out the mystery to this wiper switch that has "sWf" on it.  The Zephyr authenticity manual says that electric wipers were optional on a Zephyr in 1941.  As you know, vacuum wipers change speed based on engine vacuum (to the frequent chagrin of the driver).  But with electric wipers you could conceivably have different speeds you can select (as all modern wipers do).  So, while I have never seen this button before, I think this car probably had electric wipers.  The "W" is for "wipers", the "s" is for Slow, and the "f" is for "Fast".

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