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Option codes


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Would be helpful if you tell us what year and model vehicle (Buick) 

A31 = power windows


A50=front bucket seat



C27=roof covering



M33=transmission 3 sp auto

PO5=chrome wheel



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A little more searching shows B30 was carpet, B54 was floor mats,  as noted above C60 was A/C

W15 was a sales code....may have been for the GS package,   they often had option packages, sometimes for different regions of the country that 

bundled option into a sales code.

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I don't claim to know the specific codes of GS or any other GM cars except Reatta..... but GM used the same common codes and looking at several reference items as well as GM parts books 

often have the codes.    There are some "special" codes that mean something to certain cars. 

On the Reatta in 1988 there was an X22 code that was nothing more than an accounting/sales code for the 55 cars designated for the Select Sixty Dealers..... there is nothing else on the car

that designates that.   Then in 1990 they made 65 special convertibles for the Select Sixty Buick Dealers.....those cars had several unique features not available on other Reattas, it also had a

code R1V only on those cars.


I would like to determine if there were other year/model of Buick that were built for the Select Sixty Dealers but have not had much luck...  we do know they made a special 1982 Riviera convertible

for the dealers but without 1982 Riviera convertible owners sending in pictures/copies of the Service parts label,  we cannot establish that special code.... same goes with the 1987 GNX, there were going

to build 500 but the final number was 547.....because they added cars of the Select Sixty Dealers.... I have ask Richard Clark and Dennis Kirban to send me pictures of GNX service parts labels but have only received

a couple.... would be interesting to find those 47 cars.  

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On 7/3/2021 at 8:17 PM, bos said:

Hi ,playing with the new car and pulled the back seat and found a slip of paper with 3 digit codes would this be the option list ? If so how can I decode it .jim20210702_152222.jpg.fe92580b983672a6af888cefb88232c5.jpg20210702_152222.jpg.fe92580b983672a6af888cefb88232c5.jpg.

I think that is what Duane calls a cheat sheet,



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Hope you don't mind I was needing the practice:

204 = Job Number

8933 = 118933 should be the Build Sheet ID number.

154 = Ivory Bucket Seat Interior

A31 = Power Windows

A49 = Front Seat Belts w/Retractors

A50 = Bucket Seats

B30 = Carpeting

B54 = Custom Padded Cushions (Front Seats)

C27 = Roof Covering (Vinyl Top)

C60 = Air Conditioning (Automatic)

D55 = Long Console

M33 = A.T. ST 300

P05 = Chrome Wheels

W15 = Gran Sport Option


From the Build Sheet and Fisher Body Plate as viewed on the 65gs.com reply #13

Decoding Fremont build cars cowl tag PROJECT (65gs.com)


Fisher Plate 03E (5th week of March) Matches your Build sheet assembly date 03/30/65

Build Sheet Engine "SZ" #1395153 for usage with P/S, A.C. and A.T.

Build Sheet Transmission "NK" = ST300

Build Sheet Axle Code "LU" = 3.08 with A.T

Build Sheet Radiator "SJ" = Radiator with A.C.

Build Sheet Frame "PE" = Pontiac Frame Used for Gran Sport Option.




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