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Removing kick panel on '65


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How does one remove the vinyl upholstered kick panel below the glove box on a '65?


I can't see an obvious (okay, easy) way to get this piece out.  If you look closely at the photo, the vinyl on the left side of my kick panel is wrinkled. Has been like that since forever.  In rummaging around my parts stash I found a perfect kick panel in dark green vinyl that doesn't have the wrinkles.  So, I'd like to swap it in, but first need to know how to get the old piece out.  Thanks for any tips or suggestions.



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It's been awhile.... but I'm pretty sure if you remove the glove box lining you can access the screws holding the pad to either side. My Riv is currently not home, nor is my body manual, 

or I would check, but I think you might also reach some of the fasteners from below. Some time ago I repaired my glove box lid, replaced the box itself, and replaced the surrounding trim w better pieces I got from AB&G. I dove in without any prior knowledge & it was actually pretty easy. I didn't need to remove the pad in question, but I remember there was quite a bit of room in there once the box was out. I'm assuming that is the route to take. Sorry I didn't have a more definitive answer, it just bugs me to see a request go unanswered for so long. Hopefully a smarter person will chime in.

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Here are photos of the kick panel. The lower edge fastening can be seen with the panel installed. The top edge needs the glovebox removed. If I remember correctly there might be one or two screws that are on the righthand side that are “outside” of the glovebox and you have to feel for them from under the dash unless the dashpad is removed. Sorry for all the junk in the photos, ran out of room in the shop for a clean photo.





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