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AutoLab Radio Show, Sat 4/3/21 Guests

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AutoLab Radio Show Airs LIVE every Saturday morning, 7-9 on AM 970 broadcasted from NYC.

Just to stretch Women's History Month a wee bit longer, we have the the first female exterior designer in General Motors, Joan K. Creamer! Joan designed the exteriors for the Cadillac and Buick divisions and is still at it creating and designing many other things today.
                          --- and ---
Silvio Pietro Angori, the CEO of Pininfarina! 
Silvio will be speaking about the redesigning of the future in a New World. 
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There are several radio shows about the hobby and hopefully we can support them by listening in and checking them out.  Shame that America's Web Radio is on at the same time but pick your interest and enjoy. Both shows get some great guests and of course our own Walt Gosden has a show too.  Makes me wonder how many collectible car shows are on the radio these days. I will be giving them all a listen when I can...

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I llstened today! Had the phone in my shirt pocket with the show tuned in to live stream via Facebook. while I was out walking the dog--GREAT JOB Alex and everyone! Alex brings a much-needed historical perspective to the discussion! Great job Alex and all of the Auto Lab Radio team! Thanks again Alex for the heads-up too, so I knew to tune in!

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Thank you everybody for tuning in. It's been a terrific response so far! 


Did you heard all of the buzz about the 1955 Porsche Spyder "Shipping Container" Barn find yet?

Here it is.

It has to be one of the most historically significant finds in recent memory. I know the owner. He's a great friend and agreed to come on as my guest on our AutoLab Radio Show to talk more about it! Super excited to hear him tell the car's story and learn more about it with all of us! 😃

 Stay tuned everbody!!! 




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AutoLab Radio Show, Sat 4/10/21

I will be at the AACA Spring Nationals in Concord North Carolina (right by the Charlotte Motor Speedway) to judge this weekend and will be calling in to AutoLab LIVE from the meet to report the fun stuff going on at this event.


This weeks guests are:


Joeseph Colangelo from Local 246. Joe represents the municipal Mechanics (1000 of them as well as 550 other members) for the Fire, Police, Sanitation, EMS, DOT, Emergency Management, Vehicle fleets and the multitudes of equipment that these mechanics work on everyday. Joe will be talking about the challenges these mechanics face keeping NYC Rolling in the fastest paced city in the world.


                   ---- and ----


Our own Constance Smith, an early pioneer 1st female designer at General Motors and author of the national award winning book "Damsels of Design". Constance has so many great "behind the scene" stories to share during her amazing career and she's still going strong today. She's an accomplished engineer, mechanic and many of you may not know that she's not only a member of the AACA, but also an accomplished Judge too!


Watch the show LIVE 7am-9am on FacebookLive or scroll down to watch the archived show.



You can also listen in LIVE by tuning in to AM 970 on you radio or smart phone Saturday 7am-9am







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AutoLab Radio Show, Sat 4/17/21 Porsche 550 Spyder and Bugatti Guests


Hi guys,

I was able to book my friend on AutoLab this Saturday! He's the owner of the recent 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder "Container find" Le Mans winning race car! He will be coming Can't wait to hear my friend share the car's story with all of us!
At the 7:00am slot we have Ivan Dutton, the Bugatti Collector and restorer in the UK coming on live with us. He's quite a fun character!
You can hear (and see) the show on Facebook live. Just scroll down until you see the video and click to watch it. 
LIVE Saturday AM 970  7am-9am  
Spread the word with all your Porsche friends! 
His amazing Porsche collection is in the 100s and they would be interested in this for sure!
All shows are archived for later viewing as well.
   Alex Soultanis
   AACA life member, Judge & AutoLab radio show historian
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You are on the old site.


This is the best one (at this time) to see everything.




If you scroll down you can watch todays show. 

Scroll down more and you can view last Saturday's show.


So tgat you know, AutoLab Radio Show has been getting upgraded with a new website, a podcast, facebool Live, etc. So alot going on all at the same time because we growing.

Thanks for tuning in!


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